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  1. they should have made a sequel i loved it i loved shooting at that fat guy on the end level it was fun reply please
  2. hi galaxys is wicked what server u on plz rply galaxies rule
  3. I have an idea for a new expansion one set on hoth and u was a playing as any1 that would be great reply to thread if u a agree
  4. hi rouge 15 if u are veiwing what is ure charter name on swg and are u on flurry can u create a chracter there i would like to meet u on the game
  5. i love swg we all love it more than swg i hate wow the best is swg
  6. i love grim fandango it is brill manny and glottis make a great team
  7. i am shody alpha just replining to my message because i am a bored soul lol
  8. i am a level 9 sith jedi on fluury on rori in bod i am a noob a cool noob my mates in real life mite come on swg it is better than wow and city of heroes and lord of the rings online we are the best here is a smilie of frodo
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