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  1. I've been gone for quite a while, but I've always enjoyed Open Jedi Project. What was the last stable version of this mod with the full working sabersystem? Is there a place where I could get it from? I want to start up again and see if I could play it with my friends.
  2. Please don't tell me this arrived just bit too late. I will say that OJP will always be my favorite mod, and all it needed was this to go all the way to full-blown epicness. http://www.moddb.com/company/jedi-knight-jedi-academy-modders/news/full-jedi-academy-and-jedi-outcast-source-code-released May the Force save us all.
  3. Anything new about TABbots using different styles besides Shii Cho? Been hopng for that one. Offline play sure is lonely
  4. ENTER THE .:sH!Do:. First of all, HI EVERYBODY! Long time no login. Well, I personally want to find out more info on the RP community. Who knows? It might just be fun for some of us who originally started playing OJP with the creators and admins, like I did. I mean heck! I learned how to play properly from Jack Baldy and my buddy Hocks over there(points upward on page). Truthfully though, I've always had at least one toe in the RP side of things, even to the point where I had an apprentice in the sabersystem of OJP(Romario Kabani). So honestly, I believe that 'you can't knock it until you try it' in this case. Anyone see me there? Oh one more thing. I'm looking to get back into OJP soon. Interests kind of come and go with me like that. Just let me get more comfortable internet access and I'll see you on the servers! BTW, my SW name was Jabari Ronin. Now it's Bari Shido. That's me online. Later
  5. sorry to double post but what i mean by different levels i mean just like force powers have different levels that u unlock with points. thatswhat im thinking for saberstyes. please reply. i wanna hear what you guys think!
  6. YO peoplez! heres a new idea. You know how you pick the styles just like weapons or force powers? whut if the styles had different levels as well where each level of each style granted more moves for it along with appropriate attack and defense bonuses per style?as a matter of fact we could delete saber attack and saber defense all together and your ability would rely completely on which styles you pick. this also would make people focus more on individual styles that they get used to instead of just picking all the styles and going saber-happy. this would make you practice a style and get used to it, make you physically stronger in a certain style, and be known around as a master of Juyo or Djem-So! cmon give this one a thought. im sure it will take some work, but it could possibly get us more fans. My cousin loved this idea. I hope you do. Tell me what you think. Sorry this was sooo long. i just had to get my idea out.
  7. I wonder... is it possible to make new playerteams? playerteam_imperial, playerteam_rebel, etc. etc.
  8. AWW MAN!!! max wuts that supposed to mean? Don't worry man i can do it. Just have trust in me. I want to finally do something to help this mod. I'm sick of being just another player. I WANNA DO SOMETHING. Things just arent going my way at the moment, but i can pull around and throw down. So please have faith in me.When one falls, the others must stand stronger.
  9. I'm pissed man. my dad took my comp and he said he's takin it to his office and wiping it... But hes not wiping it. Know why? cuz i took the hard drive out before dismantling it(HAHAHAHAHA). I also managed to get out the AMD athlon 64 X2 3000+ Dual Core processor(can't get the cooler off can someone help?), my 8600gt(YEA BOI! thats my baby right there), and the 2gb of RAM(so easy). So obviously i don't have a whole comp at the moment, but what I'm gonna do is smuggle the parts to my secret Bushido Cave hideout in Boston(lol my mom's crib), get a removable drive enclosure, and put my parts in my cousin's comp. However, this doesn't mean I'm giving up the anims I said I was makin 4 u guys. Nah never that. You guys just sit tight. I'll get em done. I'm just gonna need alot more time cuz I only go there every other weekend. Anyway, wish me luck!!! Peace to da fam.
  10. is there any way of making two anims for the same purpose?(like having more than one forward saber attack?) cuz i wuz thinkin of doin that. i want some serious realism up in this.
  11. thanks alot Wytchking. we'll see wut this looks like after i handle it bushidostyle.
  12. Max, Darth, Someone, please show me how to put my anims to use. By the way i have 3dsmax 8(keeps crashing tho. idk y. i got an 8600gt), Milkshape 3D(full version), Dragon(idk wut version), and the JK3 SDK. Wut plugins should i get? how do i make a gla file with the XSIs that i make? I also dont know how to get a gla skeleton in milkshape. Im gonna need that to start animating. so if anyone can answer any of my probs, please do. it will help in the long run. thanks
  13. yo i learned a thing or two about animation. Took all night but i did. i might make some new animations now like breathing(almost easy), maybe some guarding(you guys did a good job already but i wanna make it a little more flashy), maybe some new attacks... you'll never know whats gonna come outa the dome piece. i got one prob tho. i don't know how to get the game to use my anims in the game. can someone help? i gotta cut this short cuz the class bell just rang. hit me back. i wanna help.
  14. Wus goody Daluke! Keepin it reel? oh by the way i got this wierd video(that ive actually seen before???*scream*) when i tried the website link and and a msg sayin it ran outa bandwidth. can someone check that out? thanx
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