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  1. A user of many names.


    Previously though I was Scales, and before that RakataDark.


    I think I am going to stick with DeadYorick though

  2. Yorick:


    Who did thee used to be? :)

  3. Yes Sirree. Its a good change for me. My entire persona has been changed to "Scales". On most forums I go on my name is Scales

  4. AAAAH! You changed your name?! :lol:

  5. What was the head skin in the first screenshot of your Malak reskin mod?

  6. Meh, just saying. Political subdivision is never a good thing.


    Glad yer X mas was good. Snow = sorely needed income from snowblowing and shoveling. Unfortunately, it has gon from cold to warm and cold several times. So now it's all just one big chunk of ice everywhere here.


    I got weapons and clothes. LOLZ

  7. I dunno what you mean about the whole politics thing. But I am doing good. Christmas was fun and a nice change of pace

  8. 'Ey...uh...look as far as stuff goes, I think we be cool if we just stick to games and away from politics. Maybe other things. Anyhoo, I see you are more on the JK outcast part more...and since things are taking a bit of a nose dive in the kotor area I figure it is time to branch out.



    How you been? You had a good X-mas? A happy new year?

  9. O is that series good because its cheap to get now and I've heard some good stuff about it

  10. Ah alright


    The guy on my avatar is Raziel. A protagonist of the Legacy of Kain series


  11. Not really I just saw you on alot of the boards I started posting on........Also who is the dude on your avatar?

  12. So you'd advise two degrees going at once? :confused:

    I was planning on doing a masters, because any lower than that just isn't cut to be a doctor/psychologist etc.

    The problem is, now.. if I need to take an A-level that goes hand in hand with Psychology, I can't, because I've already picked my subjects, and it's a month into term. If I was going to be switched, I'd be very much behind.


    & just sos you know, I didn't even think about the money until you mentioned it then lol. Either way, no one will trust an 'psychologist who never made it'. Best just to be the real thing.

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