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  1. Just spouting out ideas here, but obviously the box ends up on Tatooine. Uhm. Do you think Czerka could have gotten a hold of the box and that's the one you find on Tatooine on TOR quest The Thing Czerka Found? I considered that when I remembered the box. So personally, I wouldn't touch it.
  2. Aye. But the HK-50 units don't really care if she's dead or alive. Proof of when that particular unit attacks her at the end of Peragus and when the HK units attack her at the end of Telos.
  3. I watched it a couple weekends ago. I didn't like it. I'm not much for movies, personally anyway, but this one had me so flipping confused. Hopping back and forth in time. xD I thought it had potential... and after seeing it, I still think it has potential, but instead of "flash backs" they should have just put the events in order of what happened, imo.
  4. I'm not against this, however, General Grievous wasn't able to use the Force. The closest thing to a "Sith Droid" would have been Darth Vader and even that's sketchy territory because he was still human, just put on a mobile life support with prosthetic arms and legs. However I do vaguely remember seeing a mod that allowed HK to use lightsabers...
  5. Or you could... yanno. Have the HK-50 unit fight HK-47 solo, then when it gets "shut down" HK could reprogram it. Have it like an optional "boss" fight. Just a thought.
  6. But Jedi are absolutely forbidden to have children. -.-
  7. I know dude... I haven't had time to log on... in fact I'm kinda supposed to be doing a research paper right now... but I switch between pages. xD

  8. Oh, that's cool. Haven't heard from you in awhile. But yeah, I cant wait till the next chapter!

  9. Haha... I'm working on it dude... I have had /very/ little time to work on it.

  10. Whens the next chapter coming out, I'm anxious!

  11. Oooh! Sounds like tons of fun... I can do this easily! I... err... just need to install K2 after I find it...
  12. Is it by Paul Fleischman?

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