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  1. If you still want to debate that point, check out the thread I stuck at the top of the thread-list in the Senate. I dropped the ball by not doing this sooner or being more clear.

  2. You probably can delete Yarel off your friends list now that he is banned, too.



  3. Avery's pretty right though....


    You're trolling that thread :)



  4. I noticed my error and had previously deleted my post, I'd be much obliged if you do the same, as to save SkinWalker some trouble :)





  5. Please check your messages, it's important.

  6. I agree with you guys about the double standards.

  7. I will say it is interesting debating you.

  8. No, I'm willing to accept it when there is a source that is on the opposite side of the political spectrum that is saying the same thing. Your accusation that I'm nothing more than an Ideologue is highly insulting, and you're way out of line.


    Report the problem instead of giving someone a hard time in their visitor messages. --Jae

  9. Yet you're perfectly willing to accept their reporting when they say something you agree with. That, my friend, is textbook hypocrisy, plain and simple.


    Enough of the comments, please. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it.... --Jae

  10. Actually they've gotten in trouble for bogus stories, doctored photos so blatently obvious that I could have done a better job in 5 minutes.

  11. Namely, when their opinion and reporting on those 'certain topics' goes against your own, you mean. Sure, I got it. :xp:

  12. I'm glad you're so easily amused... Seriously, I never said that NY Times lies on every single thing, just they aren't trustworthy in certain topics.

  13. Sorry, but you asking me to stop "derailing" the topic by calling you on your sources is laughably ironic. Just wanted to thank you for making my day! :lol:

  14. Garfield, you need to take a vacation. Don't worry about Obama so much, and allow him to take his first steps into office. Worrying about his past is no longer an issue; thus, you can't do anything about it now. Be aware there are issues; however, don't get so tangled up in politics. Obama's past and present connections are there for people to see. Give him a chance to mess up or be successful. His actions will speak louder than anyone's critisism. Obama's true nature will be revealed in time. Let him breath. Let us breath.


    Relax. :hugs::)

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