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  1. During Jedi Knigh II Press CTRL + ALT + DEL to bring up Windows XP Task Manager. You can then click the process tab and check everything that is running. Secondly, go into System Information -> Choose tools -> Start Dx Diag -> Click the sound tab -> Check for errors, if none exist try moving the hardware slider so your sound is software powered. This won't perform so well but if sound errors stop you know its a dirver issue. And of course send an email to tech support if you don't get any help here.
  2. LOL, Whoops. I guess I should have run a forum search before posting this, i just found numerous posts on this issue. There are tons of people with this problem and its all to do with quickloading. Stand perfectly Still and check FPS Now Quicksave Now Quickload Check FPS which is now 1/2 of before Quickload again and watch FPS plummit further I wonder if the dev's are aware of this problem? Here are some more threads with this trouble http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=37684 http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&postid=426186 There are more posts than this, there are many links inside the above post. I guess an email to the tech support would not hurt incase they don't know of this issue.
  3. Ok, this is really starting to suck now, it seems that any level I load will have severly low FPS compared to loading the level from the very beginning. Anyone else here with XP encountering similar problems, also here is what shown in my console after a quick load, should these errors be here?
  4. I just tried the latest detonator drivers and the performance was slightly worse, the good thing is during my testing I discovered my problem is with quickloading. I loaded the level from the very, very start where the movie clip begins and the game was running @ 30 - 90 frames (Is this good for this level?) I looked at a spot on the map and my frames read 70. I then quick saved the game. I then immediately quickloaded the game and my frames were @ 40. I then quickloaded the game once more and my frames were @ 15. This was all looking at the same spot. It seem that quickloading for some reason totally reduces my frame rate. I am running Windows XP and using the 23.11 drivers which seem to be best for me. Does anyone have a clue whats going on?
  5. I had trouble getting the new driver to work due to the nvidia refresh rate fix, when I install the new driver the refresh rate fix fails to see my graphics card correctly and so I can't proceed to the next screen to choose my refresh rate. What would be nice would be a detonator remover but so far I have not found one for XP. On another note my frames are nice and high on this level if I load it from the beginning. If I then do a quick save followed by a quick load my frames drop badly, its like quickloading kills the frame rate too.
  6. The Swamp level is laggin me. P4 2.0GHz 512 MB RDRAM Geforce 3 Ti500 All the levels in JKII run excellent, 40 - 90 frames. All levels except one that is. The swamp level runs from about 10 - 40 frames. What kind of system do these people expect to run that kind of level? At some points its almost inplayable. I'm using detonator 23.11 drivers because I remember reading they were recommended for this game and they scored one of the highest in http://www.guru3d.com detonator test. Any ideas? I'm just really concerned as I would hate for Soldier of Fortune 2 to run like this since its using this kind of vegetation graphics.
  7. I'm trying to make some cool battles in the pit map by spawning npc's but or course they kill eachother before I have really started. My Intention was to fill two of the platforms with storm troopers and the other with armed rebels and then watch the shoot out, perhaps add a couple of reborn and then lightsabre fight in the middle of a crossfire. Is there anyway I can freeze the AI so I can create the scence and then start the AI again and watch the fun?
  8. I am using the dismember MOD and yet although now I can cut heads and sever torsos it doesn't happen that often. How can I make it happen all the time? I dont want to use the SaberRealisticCombat 1 command because that is very cheap and makes the game unbalanced because you can instantally kill just by touching someone with the lightsabre How can I gaurantee severance all the time? I thought this MOD would do it since it changes every thing to 100, but I guess it dont change the chance of severance just the possibilities?
  9. Help! Otherwise I'll have to go through whole game again and save at the start of every section.
  10. I didn't think they were that much of a problem. I just jumped over them until there was a large number of them following me, then I used a thermal detonator to kill them all.
  11. Only in the mines will you find this sort of thing.
  12. I have just completed the game but i'm no where near ready to stop killing storm troopers and the like. I thought I would go back and load some of my favourite levels but then to great sadness I realised I have only made 10 saves in the entire game, the rest of the time I have been using quicksaves. I found the console command and loaded one of my favourite levels through the console. When the level loaded I had the correct force for that level but what was the difficulty? If I load a game from the console using the map command what difficulty will it load in?, if its padwan how can I change it?
  13. Use the force. She may be a big opponent but treat her as a reborn and engage her as aggressivly and persitently as you can. Thats how I have won all my fights so far, by direct attack. From the very ofset jump into her, have no fear but don't be wreckless. These were my main damage attacks: - Carefully fighting her, everytime she does some from of highly aggressive attack or lunge: jump back - If she jumps at you, you can use the force to send her back - You can also use force pull on her, she will resist many times but if she is distracted, i.e. attacking you or recovering from a blow or landing then sometimes you can pull her and she will land flat on her face. Force speed is a good idea for these hard parts but I would avoid it since its not the same in multiplayer I would avoid becomming dependent on it.
  14. I got the game today and I think its even better than sliced bread. I'm in sky city and I have just basic jedi sabre swings. I was wondering about the fight I saw in the jedi academy, they were twirling around and spinning about, generally doing every move my kyle is currently able to do only with more style and elligence. What forces allow you to do some of those over head spinning stylish moves I witnessed. Is it key combos or something to do with offensive and jump levels?
  15. http://www.jasontush.btinternet.co.uk/help.jpg This is the situation I am faced with, I hope I don't have to jump this because I have tried a very high number of times without any success.
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