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  1. Yeah I saw that on the thread ;). But I figured I'd still post an encouraging remark.

  2. Rinku

    Thanks! Same to you :D

  3. No problem. If you have any other questions feel free to ask :)

  4. Hmm this is odd. I just installed Mass Effect using wine. It might be that you have an old build and need to update.


    If that doesn't work you should check http://forum.portingteam.com/ They may have a wrapper for Kotor; however the videos might not work (I used a wrapper for kotor 2 and the videos didn't work).


    My final resort would be getting crossover, or buying the mac version (box version not the app store version).

  5. Rinku

    My spies inform me that today is of some significance to you......



    Happy Birthday!! :bday2:

  6. Thanks for the positive feedback!


    You are pretty close on how I made the image. I actually started out a hand drawing. In photoshop there is a pen tool which creates vector images (Don't know if illustrator has this). I used the drawing as a rough template for creating the shapes. Then I went back and changed anything that did not look "right."


    The detail was done in photoshop too. For the coloring, the pen tool has an outline and fill option. I used both to get the basic un-shaded/un-detailed version. The gradients were done two ways: (1) Using the brush tool and blending by lightly smudging or (2) Using the gradient tool. Method 1 was used in smaller areas. Method 2 was used in larger areas. For method 2, I selected the area I was going to shade and then made the gradient (trying to keep the placement of the light consistent so the shading was correct). The detail on the gun was made with the brush tool. The brush was at mid hardness (between 30%-80%). I choose a size paint.

  7. Yeah no problem ;)

  8. Love the avy Marius :D

  9. Something from Mega Man (saw it on Planet Renders) that I thought was Mandalorian-esque.

  10. I'll rate and comment on itunes ;)

  11. I'll DL some of your episodes and put them on my ipod for when we go on vacation :)

  12. Its going pretty well, how about you?


    Yeah, I volunteered to take it over since Li was busy, hopefully once I get all the requests done we get a whole new wave of people who will visit the RC boards.

  13. I have been swamped with school-work (last two weeks have been averaging 3-4 hours of sleep). Hopefully I will be back on regularly soon.

  14. Rinku

    Yeah...:( I can't connect to the servers but I can host LAN games so I guess that means LAN games are fine :D

  15. Rinku

    I have it installed via crossover on my mac so idk if I can play on the servers. Most likely I can only play via Lan/DC.

  16. I can only edit pics unfortunately...UnrealEd does not work on my mac :(

  17. Definately!!! No doubt about it ;)

  18. QFT


    I thought it was from a movie for a second :D

  19. Thanks!!


    The original was Boba Fett :D.

  20. Vor'e - VOHR-ay - Thanks ;)

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