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  1. This has just recently come to my attention: The last planet in K1, which I have always called the Unknown World, appears to have several different names. IN addition to Unknown world, I have also heard it called Rakata Prime which I assumed was just a name created from conversations over this subject. However, just the other day I discovered that this mysterious world has a third name: Lehon. And during my investigations I discovered a huge history of this lonely planet. So, I was wondering, where did this come from? Did I just miss this conversation in K1 & 2, or is there another source that this information is coming from. In advance, thanks for you help.
  2. I love that dumbledore is a senile old man who's always naked.
  3. I know that Zoroastrianism has been around since Judaism, maybe before too. But it was once the supreme religion from the Hindu-Kush to the Mediterranean.
  4. I usually just skip most of this Sunry part but: Going LS, it is your responsibility to safeguard the republic, so therefore it is you duty to protect its soldiers, Sunry included. Regardless that he is guilty of killing someone on neutral territory, he was acting in the interests of Republic. And albeit that it is a terrible act, they are loosing the war, and it really doesn't compare to the brutallity that the Sith have shown. e.g. Taris. And of course if your DS, you don't really care about the republic, so you would want Sunry, a republic confidant dead. And here, Ironically, to get him killed all you need to do is tell the truth. All in all this is one of the better examples of Bioware writing.
  5. I just read in todays paper that Microsoft posted much higher profits for this quarter than were expected.
  6. I remember seeing them on ebay as well. I think if you go to your local craigslist.com, and ask if anyone has any. That would be my best guess. Good luck.
  7. I've played this game to know who you should use when, but I just can't get myself to NOT take HK out every single time. He just makes the best comments at the most appropriate times. Least favorite: Mission, she spends all her time in the Ebon Hawk soldering lightsaber hilts.
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