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  1. Regarding my TFU Black blade. With respect sir, I am not either, but I did this by request.

  2. You guys, are so right, when I played through Taris, and Timely Arrival of Tatooine, it took me back, but more importantly. It was answering some questions I had had since 2003. Did the Outcasts survive the bombardment on Taris? Where was this Promised Land that I uncovered, but never saw? If they survived the bombardment, how long did they last? So far, on Tatooine, I've run into my old friend The Star Forge map, I'm hoping. I can't wait to meet the Exile, and rescue Revan.
  3. Good News! My main is Nefets, Jedi Knight of the Republic. I'm on Veela, and my guild is Champions of the Force. They have an official forum page, as well as their own site, here http://championsoftheforce.com/forum/index.php.

  4. I will miss this after six years. RIP Star Wars Galaxies
  5. Your Malgus statue will collect dust, while the rest of us level our characters. You have to get the box, just, to get the Product Registration Code.

  6. I cancelled my CE and bought the much cheaper Digital Deluxe Edition. I get all of the in-game items, but I've already received the product code and waiting on the subscription code to come through, and I'll be set. No waiting in line for a product that's sold out, for me. The new machine is necessary, though, I couldn't play this game on full graphics and shadows, so I took off the shadows and everything works.

  7. While I continue to play this game, it only seems to get stranger as the plot goes on. Apparently, my action of killing Angral's son has caused the Sith Empire to effectively declare war on the Republic. Now, I'm wondering around the newbie world of Ord Mantell to get some information.

  8. Thank you for that, but that makes me angry that they brought him back.

  9. I, finally, got the to download the .exe file. So, if someone can tell me the common server on here. It would be appreciated. My signature has my future character's name.
  10. Yes, but without a way to redeem it and download the beta, I might as well forget it. Hopefully, they will send me a way to participate.
  11. I still have stuff in my collections to get including the Shatterpoint cloak and Cloak of Hate.
  12. While, it's against EULA rules, I will PM you my username and password so you can be my guest.
  13. My sources at ModSource.org are as follows: The Extractor tool we're working on is here. http://forum.modsource.org/index.php?topic=1224.0 and here http://forum.modsource.org/index.php?topic=1225.0 The hash code list is here. http://forum.modsource.org/index.php?topic=1234.0 Ever since, beta began we have been working on this problem, so we will be ready when the game comes out.
  14. It is modifiable, so don't worry. We'll have one out on ModSource.
  15. He never bothered to include the three digit area code, so I don't know. He lives in San Fransisco, but went to school at USC. Those two would be a starting place. Plus, remember he may have moved since 1976 when they were filiming that scene, so you might get someone else, entirely. A very embarrassing situation for you, for sure.
  16. That was the scene, yes, but it's still referring to something else. It's pretty clearly a phone number, since George is an American, and the ###-#### number is standard throughout the US.
  17. They should go Free to play, even Pirates of the Burning Sea is doing that, and that game still maintains it's paid look to it. More people would buy this game knowing it won't drain their monthly income.
  18. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/1138_%28number%29 Here is another number that should show up in the game. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/327_%28number%29
  19. I'm kind of hoping that all four of them are in the game somewhere even in aurebesh. Although, I won't notice it, if it is in aurebesh. It is now, you're right! Haha, I've had speculation that it's an old phone number from USC, but George would have to confirm that.
  20. Did you watch the video? It has a few of the scenes on there. Episode III it happens during the cruiser to cruiser battle when the Clone Trooper gets blown away by the Invisible Hand flagship. Episode II it was on the landing platform when the ship blew up Episode I it was at during the initial hangar bay assault Episode IV it was when Luke shot the stormtrooper on the other side of the catwalk Episode V it was the stormtrooper Chewie knocks off the freezing room platform Episode IV it was the weequay that Luke cuts over the side of the skiff. And there you have it a virtual signature.
  21. Star Wars: Dark Empire graphic novels.
  22. Yes, it's a signature of sorts, like the two numbers above.
  23. The first one is a phone number, I think, George knows. The second one is George's first feature film THX-1138, and the third is the sound producer Ben Burtt's signature that he places as a joke in all of his films. Including all Star Wars films. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  24. The official website is all that's left. One month equals four. Get it while it lasts before September 15th. Veterans should use the reinstall function quick download. http://starwarsgalaxies.station.sony.com/players/index.vm
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