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  1. You guys, are so right, when I played through Taris, and Timely Arrival of Tatooine, it took me back, but more importantly. It was answering some questions I had had since 2003. Did the Outcasts survive the bombardment on Taris? Where was this Promised Land that I uncovered, but never saw? If they survived the bombardment, how long did they last? So far, on Tatooine, I've run into my old friend The Star Forge map, I'm hoping. I can't wait to meet the Exile, and rescue Revan.

  2. Name ............... Tohee Liveewidee


    Faction ............ Rebel Alliance


    Class ................ CL -90


    Server ............. Kauri


    Race ................. Human


    Current Guild ... Knights of Kauri


    Pilot Status ...... Two boxes shy of Master Rebel


    Started ............. Account: September 20, 2005. Current main character: January 16, 2006.


    I will miss this after six years. RIP Star Wars Galaxies

  3. Ok so I have something of an extraordinary request. I was too late to get back into the game; seems I and many others didn't receive a 'we're closing' e-mail. I'd really like to say goodbye before it's all gone and of course there's simply no way to resurrect my account now. Since it's going to be closed in a couple months, is there anyone out there who'd let me log into their account? I know I know, all sorts of bad things could happen, but I promise you I am on the up and up, and will do whatever it takes (within reason) to prove to you that my intentions are merely nostalgic. Just an hour of playtime, a little cockpit time, and I'll be content.


    While, it's against EULA rules, I will PM you my username and password so you can be my guest.

  4. Well.. Ok.. Have you called it?? I am not going to call it.. If I called it and George answered the phone.. I would die right here on the spot.. :eek:


    He never bothered to include the three digit area code, so I don't know. He lives in San Fransisco, but went to school at USC. Those two would be a starting place.


    Plus, remember he may have moved since 1976 when they were filiming that scene, so you might get someone else, entirely. A very embarrassing situation for you, for sure.

  5. Wasn't that the location of the trash compactor in Episode 4?? Luke tells 3po to turn off the compactors..


    Beyond that.. I don't know..


    That was the scene, yes, but it's still referring to something else. It's pretty clearly a phone number, since George is an American, and the ###-#### number is standard throughout the US.

  6. I meant the other two things. The THX is the original name for TK-421 in IV.


    1138 (number)


    The subject of this article exists in or is relevant to the real world.



    This article is ambiguously canon.


    This article is about an Easter egg, and may or may not be part of the "real" Star Wars universe.




    1138 is a number that appears in products that are related to George Lucas and his works. It is also a recurrent in-joke in subsequent George Lucas films and LucasArts computer games.


    Another number of similar 'qualities' is 327.


    The origin of this number is the title of Lucas's first movie THX 1138 and also the main character. Lucas likes to re-use words and numbers in his newest productions in honor of his older works.




    Examples in Lucas productsEdit

    Star Wars filmsEdit


    1138 on the battle droid's back.


    Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace:

    In the scene where the Gungans realize the battle droids have shut down, the one pushed over by Jar Jar Binks has "1138" in Aurebesh numerals on its backpack.

    Highlighting the "THX" logo on the DVD menu and typing "1138" on the remote control brings you a blooper reel from the making of The Phantom Menace—mostly consisting of scenes involving R2-D2 and integrating Jar Jar Binks as a "real" actor.


    Barely visible, 1138 in the sand... or is it?


    Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones:

    All clone troopers have the designation code "1138" in LED on the backs of their helmets. This is most visible in the scene where Mace Windu says, "Pilot, land in that assembly area!" The pilot who responds, "Yes, sir," has the number visible on his helmet.

    Some have said that the sand marks made by Padmé Amidala when she falls out of the Republic Gunship look like the number 1138. While the two ones and three are clearly visible, the eight can be argued. This was also proven to be false on the DVD commentary.

    Others have said that the droid piloting Count Dooku's ship away from the Jedi says "1138." However, sound editor Ben Burtt has stated that FA-4's dialogue was designed as gibberish, and doesn't actually mean anything.

    Highlighting the "THX" logo on the DVD menu and typing "1138" on the remote control brings you a blooper reel from the making of Attack of the Clones.

    Just after Yoda says, "Around the survivors a perimeter create," you can see "1138" on a battle droid's backpack similar to the one used in Episode I.

    During the scene where Anakin Skywalker is chasing Zam Wesell in her speeder, when she crashes it, a bright neon sign displays 1138 in Galactic Basic.


    1138: Bacara's ID number.


    Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith:

    In the script, "1138" is the code number of clone trooper commander Bacara.

    Highlighting the "THX" logo on the Episode III DVD menu and typing "1138" on the remote control skips to a scene of Yoda breakdancing.

    The battle droid that is shot down on the balcony in Utapau after Boga is riding throughout the city has "1138" in Aurebesh numerals on its backpack, in the same manner as a battle droid in Episode I.


    Chewbacca, the transfer from cell block 1138.


    Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope:

    1138 is the number of a cell block on the Death Star, as mentioned by Luke Skywalker in dialogue: "Prisoner transfer from cell block 1138."

    The stormtrooper suit Luke Skywalker steals in the Death Star belongs to TK-421, but was scripted as THX-1138.


    Rieekan sends the 1138 order.


    Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back:

    In an approximation of the 1138 meme, Carlist Rieekan issues the following order: "Send Rogues 10 and 11 to Station 3-8"


    1138: The Sideshow Boushh helmet.


    Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi:

    There was a years-old debate over whether 1138 is in Return of the Jedi. The debate was finally settled in 2007, when a 1:6 scale Boushh figure from Sideshow Collectibles—said to be taken straight from the film props—had 1138 painted onto the side of the helmet. The subject was brought up on a live ForceCast with Stephen J. Sansweet and Peter Vilmur.[1] Neither man could answer the question, but Vilmur contacted Lucas Licensing's Chris Spitale, who oversaw both Sideshow's and Gentle Giant's "Princess Leia in Boushh disguise" projects. Spitale revealed photos of the actual film props, which indeed have 1138 painted on their sides.[2]


    Star Wars: The Clone WarsEdit


    In the episode "Clone Cadets", the Citadel Challenge is named "version THX variable 1138".[3]

    In the episode "The Zillo Beast Strikes Back", the side of the platform the beast is on reads "1381".


    Other George Lucas moviesEdit


    American Graffiti:

    The number-plate of Paul Le Mat's deuce coupe is THX 138.

    Raiders of the Lost Ark:

    The Nazi harbor loudspeaker announces "eins, eins, drei, acht" (German for one, one, three, eight).

    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade:

    In the library scene, the Roman numerals for 1138 (MCXXXVIII) can be seen in Dr. Jones' Grail notebook.

    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull:

    The house Indy enters in "Doom Town" is marked "138".


    Video gamesEdit


    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

    The clearance code to dock on the Salvation is Talus Haroon 10-11-38, which can also be taken as THX 1138, the Talus Haroon meaning TH, 10 being X in Roman numerals, and then 1138.

    Star Wars: Republic Commando:

    The playable character has the serial number RC-1138.

    Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds:

    The Imperial stormtrooper unit answers "THX-1138 ready, sir!" when selected.

    Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast:

    During the asteroid transport FMV, an Imperial officer designates the transport number as 1-138. Also on the 19th mission, the code needed to contact Rogue Squadron is T-H-X in Aurebesh.

    Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter:

    In the third mission, the player assaults, and attempts to free some of Nym's men from, the "infamous Spacestation 1138."

    Star Wars: TIE Fighter:

    A group of containers on Mission 1 Battle 3 are designated: Container Group B THX 1138B.

    Star Wars: X-wing vs. TIE Fighter:

    In the Expansion Pack "Balance of Power", an Imperial pilot says "This is Corvette 1138 requesting assistance." during a cutscene

    Star Wars: Rogue Squadron:

    During the Battle of Calamari mission a pilot says "Fighters inbound on one-decimal-one-three-eight."

    Star Wars: Obi-Wan:

    In the training level one of the droids is training droid 1138.

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed:

    According to an unseen Imperial officer in the Empirical, Galen Marek, Darth Vader's secret apprentice is "subject number 1138". This instance is also mentioned in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II as, on the website, an unnamed Imperial officer refers to Galen Marek and the project as "research on subject 1138".

    Star Wars Galaxies:

    The access code for one of the laboratories in the Geonosian Bio-Lab on Yavin 4 is 11380.

    Escape from Monkey Island:

    The restaurant Planet Threepwood and The First Church of LeChuck describes Guybrush Threepwood as having the ghost of his parrot on his left shoulder, a hat dripping with the blood of his enemies, a giant tail, forked tongue, is somewhere between 3 meters tall, seven feet tall and six foot four, has a scar over his left eye, has a big black parrot and has the number '1138' tattooed on his forehead.

    Tales of Monkey Island Chapter One

    Until you wreak havoc on Flotsam Island the newspaper outside of the Keelhaul Gazette read "Wind Still Sucks" and tells of the 1138th straight day of wind

    Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron:

    In campaign mode, on Endor, you need to destroy an AT-AT. The pilot's name is TH 113. If you add an 'x' and '8' to it, it would spell THX-1138.




    In the Star Wars RPG Core Rulebook on all pages you can find number 1138.

    The Confederacy of Independent Systems bioweapon in Star Wars: Republic 68: Armor was named Trihexalophine1138.

    In Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter, I-5YQ informs Lorn Pavan that his bank fraud plan would be in violation of "communication protocols THX one-one-three—" but is cut off before he can say the inevitable eight.

    In Republic Commando: True Colors, after Fi Skirata is injured, he is placed in bacta tank one-one-three, which was located in Bay Eight.

    In The Last of the Jedi: Death on Naboo, when reaching Dontamo, Solace informs Oryon that Ferus Olin's ship is on XYZ coordinates 1138, 1999, 2300.

    In the The Force Unleahed II novelization, when Rahm Kota requests permission to board the Salvation, he gives the authorization code "Talus Haloon Ten Eleven Thirty-eight". In Roman numerals the number 10 is represented as the symbol, "X."

    Death Star introduces a storage room aboard Death Star I with the designation 3181.

    In the novelization of Episode IV: A New Hope, THX-1138 was the designation of the stormtrooper referred to as TK-421 in the movie.

    On page 34 of Queen of the Empire, upon their arrival at Hologram Fun World, Han, Leia and the droids are greeted by thrilling music that emanates from 1,138 THX Ultrasound Speakers.

    In Shadows of the Empire: Bothan spies find schematics for Death Star II in "sector Tarp-Hard-Xenon" of a stolen computer. Also, a Black Sun guard named Thix (a clear play on THX) is in charge of monitoring "sector 1138."

    In Jedi Search, the code that Wedge Antilles uses to deactivate a construction droid is "SGW 0027." Each letter and number in the code is once removed from "THX 1138."

    In Fett Club, Fett Club's address was "1138."

    In The Resistance Within, Kris Wahl owed Polst 1,138 credits.

    In Destabilization, there is a HoloNet node at th.x.

    In Hideouts & Strongholds, a ship in a picture on island hideouts had THX 1138 painted on its side.

    In Heroes & Rogues, a character sheet for an "ISB Investigations Specialist" contains a quote by "Specialist 1138."

    In Star Wars Missions 3: Attack on Delrakkin, there is an Imperial pilot named 2249--1138 with one added to each digit.

    Luke Skywalker finds himself trapped in section "TH-11" while infltrating the Tarkin superweapon in Star Wars 52: To Take The Tarkin, a more obscure reference to THX 1138.




    In Shadow Stalker - "Base to 1138. Status?", stormtrooper guard: "1138 to base. Clear."


    Other games and moviesEdit



    Maniac Mansion: the number-plate of the Cadillac is "THX 1138". The number can also be used as a combination code in at least one area of the game.

    Zak McKracken: the phone bill says Zak owes $1,138.

    Outlaws: the train in the introduction has the number 1138 on it.

    Escape from Monkey Island: when Guybrush meets with his future self in the Mists O' Tyme Marsh, he asks him "If you really are me, then what number am I thinking right now?" One of the answers his alter ego might give is "1-1-3-8." Later in the game, Guybrush meets a ghostly priest who has deified LeChuck, and believes in "the Anti-LeChuck," a ten-foot-tall demonized version of Guybrush with 1138 tattooed on his forehead.




    On the episode Blackfoot from Dexter's Laboratory Dexter's number is BF 1138.

    In an episode of Smallville, Lex Luthor has a file called "Project 1138" (a reference to Star Wars as Carrie Fisher stars in the episode).

    In the Firefly episode "The Train Job," the train car seen as Jayne is lowered bears the number "A1138", which is also a reference to Pixar's A113.

    In one episode of Robot Chicken there is a prison cell with the number 1138. The series is created by Seth Green, who admits to be a big fan of Star Wars.

    In the cartoon "Pinky and the Brain", during the theme song 1138 and THX appear on Brain's chalkboard. (THX=1138)

    In the Reboot episode "To Mend and Defend" the ships enter the Principal Office via heading 1138.

    The original prop lightsaber hilt Mark Hamill used in Return of the Jedi was flown on Space Shuttle Discovery on October 20th, 2007, which coincidentally launched at 11:38 a.m EDT from Pad 39A.

    In the Robot Chicken: Star Wars in a sketch featuring Ponda, Ponda's home address is 1138. This was intentional and was pointed out by Robot Chicken Co-creator Seth Green on the "Chicken Nuggets" Special Feature of the DVD.

    The West Wing, in the second season episode "Bad Moon Rising" when C.J. asks her assistant, Carol, how many more interviews she has left to find the source of a press leak; the answer is 1138.

    Dancouga - Super Beast Machine God Super Robot anime series, the code THX-1138 was used to activate the combination sequence for the Jyusenki Tai to combine their respective mecha into the gigantic robot Dancouga for the first time in episode 15.

    Dark Angel episode "Heat", the odometer on Max's bike reads 113.8.



    Other filmsEdit


    Absolon, the number of the address on the computer screen, when Christopher Lambert's character is tracked down by satellite, is 1138.

    Agent Cody Banks, at the end, Arnold Vosloo's character Francois Molay wears orange prison garb with the inmate number AR 1138.

    Crash and Burn, a Charles Band film & Full Moon production - when the robot is damaged the pilot sees on the screen a message: ERROR 1138.

    Mandroid, another Charles Band film - the character gets on a train, the train car is numbered 11 38.

    Follow That Bird, Big Bird flies to Oceanview, Illinois on Flight CTW 1138; George Lucas has a cameo.

    Mission: Impossible, Ethan Hunt's clearance code for the secure call is Bravo Echo One One. BE11, when mirrored, becomes 1138.

    Monsters, Inc, one of the CDA (Child Detection Agency) agents near the end of the movie (when Roz, agent 001, enters the room) has the number on the uniform. Also, one of the agents coming out of the toilet has the number. These are different characters in appearance even though they share the same number. Some claim that the fact that they share the same number could be a continuity error on the animator's part.

    Ocean's Eleven, the code Linus uses to unlock the security door leading to the safe is 1138.

    Reign Over Me, the number of Dr. Oakhurst's office.

    Sky Captain and The World Of Tomorrow: When Polly and Joe arrive at the laboratory of Dr. Walter Jennings, the address on the front door is numbered 1138.

    Sneakers, at the very beginning, the access code entered ends in 1138.

    Storm, 1138 is used as a doorcode to a building where a LAN Party is held.

    The Lawnmower Man, The test chimp from the beginning of the movie is later referred as Rosco 1138.

    The Matrix, at the end, when Neo places a call from a phone booth, the cascading digits freeze and the number 1138 can be seen brighter than the rest in the bottom-right corner.

    Taxi, Queen Latifah's character is waiting for an appointment with the doctor and her number in the line is 138.

    Battlespace, monitors showing footage from outer space show "138 1 SHRYKKE" and "1138 2 MACDUNCAN".

    In District 9, during the first opening shot of the alien mother ship, 11:38 is the time recorded on the camera.

    In Bitch Slap (movie), during the flashback titled "7 weeks ago", one of the two lesbian cell mates' prisoner number is 1138, as mentioned by the prison guard.

    In the movie Sneakers, at the beginning, Robert Redford's character is reading data off a computer screen and can be heard saying the number "One one three eight."




    Batman comic, Hush story arc, issue #611, Clark Kent changes into Superman in the Daily Planet room #1138.

    Bully video game, the code used to unlock the security door leading to the observatory is 1138.

    Robot Chicken, a Magic the Gathering promo card, has a fake 1138 collector's number.

    "We Are 138", the Misfits song similarly about a dystopian future where "it's a time to be an android not a man" may be a reference to THX1138, singer Glenn Danzig having removed the first digit to fit the words into the rhythm of the song.

    "Time of Eve", featured a robot called THX and mentioned a rule #1138.

    In the 122 graphic novel for the television show Heroes 1138 is the number of an actress' dressing room.

    Call of Duty 2: Big Red One:

    During the game, when the player happens upon German Deuce-and-a-half Trucks, the front license always says "1138". It is unknown if this is an intentional reference or a coincidence.

    During the "Incubator" level of Duke Nukem 3D, the player can access a secret area that contains a monitor that displays "1138."

    Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator, Grubb uses the code THX 1138 to override his workbots.

    Dead Space 2 has an easy to miss audiolog named "Orderly TPS report 1138" early in Chapter 1.


    Easter eggs on DVDsEdit


    On all prequel DVDs, including the Clone Wars, there is a blooper reel when you go to the Options menu and Highlight THX logo and press 11-3-8. On the Revenge of the Sith DVD, however, the blooper reel is actually footage of Hip-Hop Yoda.


    In the 2004 DVD release of the original trilogy, if you go to disc 4 and go to the Video games and still galleries menu, press 11 then 3 then 8. You will be treated to Deleted Scenes, Gags and Bloopers.



    Here is another number that should show up in the game.



    327 (number)




    This article is ambiguously canon.


    This article is about an Easter egg, and may or may not be part of the "real" Star Wars universe.


    For other uses, see 327 (disambiguation).


    Much like 1138, 327 is a recurring number in the Star Wars films and Expanded Universe media, often related to spacecraft and landing zones. 327 is a perfect totient number.

  7. The fourth one will probably be in there, but that's like wondering if "May the Force be with you" will be.


    I'm kind of hoping that all four of them are in the game somewhere even in aurebesh. Although, I won't notice it, if it is in aurebesh.


    It's more of an in-joke across the entire film industry, really, although Burtt was the one who started it after he rediscovered the sound. Tarantino uses it in all of his films, too.


    It is now, you're right!


    Ben Burtt discovered the "Wilhelm Scream" in some audio collection somewhere and brought it to the public limelight. Since then it's been used in A LOT of movies, with Ben Burtt deserving credit for finding it. It's fun to hear it, knowing it's an homage to Ben Burtt.


    He even tried to make the Wilhelm Scream with his own voice in RotJ when Han knocks him into a pit in the Endor shield generator. :p


    Can't say I know the "326-3827" reference though.


    Haha, I've had speculation that it's an old phone number from USC, but George would have to confirm that.

  8. Orly? Where can I find these?


    Did you watch the video? It has a few of the scenes on there.


    Episode III it happens during the cruiser to cruiser battle when the Clone Trooper gets blown away by the Invisible Hand flagship.


    Episode II it was on the landing platform when the ship blew up


    Episode I it was at during the initial hangar bay assault


    Episode IV it was when Luke shot the stormtrooper on the other side of the catwalk


    Episode V it was the stormtrooper Chewie knocks off the freezing room platform


    Episode IV it was the weequay that Luke cuts over the side of the skiff.


    And there you have it a virtual signature.

  9. What are those references to? I've only ever heard of the Wilhelm scream, and they tend to use that when they cbf to get the voice actor back in and make him scream. Bowchikabowow.


    The first one is a phone number, I think, George knows. The second one is George's first feature film THX-1138, and the third is the sound producer Ben Burtt's signature that he places as a joke in all of his films. Including all Star Wars films.


    (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)

  10. Can't believe I'm only seeing the Intro cinematic for the first time now...


    You're a little behind. :)


    Don't encourage him. We recently got him his jester badge in a misguided effort to shut him up. :devsmoke:


    As to the whole idea of whether Revan could exist 300 years later, between knowledge (jedi and/or sith) and the secrets of the Star Forge, why the hell not. Even Palpatine resorted to cloning to extend his mortal grip several thousand years later.


    Del Rey would beg to differ, in the Legacy of the Force book series Lumiya tells her soon to be new apprentice Jacen Solo that the Emperor ceased to be a Sith when he died initially. Everything else was unworthy of the title, in her opinion.

  11. Objection: Speculation, your honor! Stick to the facts and let others draw the conclusions.


    My other objection is hearsay! You can't used he said, she said this, when you're making an argument.


    Again, you keep drawing conclusions that may come back to haunt you when the game comes out.

  12. They never finished the timeline. There are still seven slots left to fill. http://www.swtor.com/info/holonet/timeline


    I'm going with the assumption that Revan is dead until proved otherwise.


    It might be hair, but a side-by-side comparison with the Revan and this dark figure maybe similar, but I don't think they match. I do know a forensic artist, but he doesn't work for free. :)


    (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)

    By the way, I, hope, that the Duel of the Fates theme is in the game! :)

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