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  1. Maybe, but she has a point. A Sith must go through blood, sweat, and tears [sounds like a certain rock group]. The Clone Palpatine, just, downloaded this information.
  2. Will these references be in the game? 1) 326-3827 2) THX 1138 3) The Wilhelm scream? 4) I've got a bad feeling about this! 5) 327 Am I missing anything else?
  3. You're a little behind. Del Rey would beg to differ, in the Legacy of the Force book series Lumiya tells her soon to be new apprentice Jacen Solo that the Emperor ceased to be a Sith when he died initially. Everything else was unworthy of the title, in her opinion.
  4. We know this, and this is stated in the timeline, too.
  5. Objection: Speculation, your honor! Stick to the facts and let others draw the conclusions. My other objection is hearsay! You can't used he said, she said this, when you're making an argument. Again, you keep drawing conclusions that may come back to haunt you when the game comes out.
  6. They never finished the timeline. There are still seven slots left to fill. http://www.swtor.com/info/holonet/timeline I'm going with the assumption that Revan is dead until proved otherwise. It might be hair, but a side-by-side comparison with the Revan and this dark figure maybe similar, but I don't think they match. I do know a forensic artist, but he doesn't work for free. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) By the way, I, hope, that the Duel of the Fates theme is in the game!
  7. They never did finish the timeline, though, I'm very disappointed. Anyway, I happen to think that Revan is long dead by the fall of Korriban, which was redepicted in the latest cinematic by Industrial Light and Magic. I have the wallpaper to prove it. I'm fairly certain that you are looking at Malgus' hood. Although, remember that the artist involved used a very similar art style throughout the timeline.
  8. This was a joy to read! You are so right about George, too! I, sure, hope this topic continues. This is fun! By the way, the TOR timeline has Revan using both a Sith red and a Jedi blue lightsaber, at separate times and together in the Mandalorian, and Jedi Civil War cinematics.
  9. Wow, this was a huge necro! Some of the posts from the top are from the first day! I, think, the devs have covered this content in their recent E3 interviews, so if anyone needs reminding. It's on the Internet somewhere.
  10. No, he's right, you need to show your sources when you make claims. That's, just, standard.
  11. I'm hoping it will be, yes!
  12. You know George does read these forums, I'd be careful how you cross him. Usually, it's a wink and a nod, and then on they go. Dave Filoni, the director of the Clone Wars is often the one bringing EU-canon to George, and because of his position often succeeds at getting it into the show. Some of the episodes from The Clone Wars were from the Clone Wars novel series that took place during the filming of Episode III, many of which I read. So, I immediately recognized them when they were filmed. So, really, you should be thanking his director Dave Filoni.
  13. That was a bad pun, but okay.
  14. Yes, BioWare came up with that for Kotor, but they have the Sentinels in TOR using blue by default, since they are an archetype of the Knight class, however with the ability to wield two. The Sentinel will have some options. As for Mace Windu, that is the in-universe story, yes. The truth, though, is that Samuel L. Jackson was talking with George during the filming of the Arena Battle from Episode II about what their colors will be in the final film. George said flat-out "good guys are blue and green, bad guys are red." As if, don't challenge me, then Jackson, said, "Can mine be purple [violet]. George puts his hand to his beard and say rather reluctantly, "We can do purple!" And, that was it! To this day, no other Jedi filmed by George Lucas has ever received purple, again. Hence, my surprise when BioWare gave the color to the Sith Inquisitor, a class that resembles Darth Sidious. (Sidious, mind you had a red lightsaber in the film) So, yeah, I was a bit surprised by that. Notice that none of the cinematics done my ILM have the sith using purple. I'm wondering how they got it in there. Also, in case you're wondering where my sources lie. Episode II DVD Disc 2, and Lucasfilm, Ltd. FAQs about employment. Does GL visit the campuses? Yes is the paraphrase, but some more often than others. https://jobs.lucasfilm.com/how_to_apply.html
  15. I saw in an old video, a Sith killing a Jedi and taking his lightsaber as a new toy, so I think you will be obliged.
  16. They talked about that years ago, but I have not seen any evidence of it being implemented. In fact, it's looks more like the hilts are one size fits all in some cases like they were in Kotor, their original game. The blades have been vastly improved as you see in the post by adamqd. Thank you for that Bioware. I can't imagine how many hilt designs they would have to add to the game to truly make them customizable. In Star Wars Galaxies, they gave you a choice of 14 unique styles, and others you would have to find as a rare loot schematic. What I think they should do is make it something of a slot-machine type mini-game where the emitter, the hilt, and grip can be made interchangeable, so people can have their unique hilts. I understand why BioWare is limiting the lightsaber colors. George Lucas is paying them personal visits. Any project that he works on The films, Clone Wars, or even LucasArts will adhere to his theory. Jedi are Blue and Green, Sith are red. BioWare must have slipped the purple for Sith Inquisitors in as a hey, Samuel L. Jackson did it. Hopefully, you'll be able to use the color crystals you get from dead Jedi or Sith if you desire to pick up their weapon as in one of the in-game videos.
  17. Thank you for your opinion. I'm disappointed because you would be good at this, I think.
  18. My experience with Star Wars Galaxies taught me that retexturing, remapping, and file editing usually are what are available for us to mod. Most of the models come hardcoded into the game, however, we (the modding community for SWG) were able to modify the Jedi and Sith Acolyte robe model so that it would appear closer to the Jedi robes from the prequel trilogy reapplied the Jedi Knight Robe texture and we had done the next best thing to making a new clothing model. Example: This is from the Cloaks Over Jedi Robes mod. http://forum.modsource.org/index.php?topic=20.0 http://imageshack.us/f/585/cloaksoverjedirobes22pr.jpg/ It is a shame when good modders don't come back. Unfortunately, I was not modding when he stopped, so I can't say that.
  19. Does the Nintendo Entertainment System come with this game?
  20. We'll have to wait and see, I suppose, in the meantime, I'm going to at least start a laundry list of changes I might want to make in the future.
  21. Again, since the mod is client-side only and aesthetic at that, it doesn't break EULA. Look at the web site dedicated to MMO modding call ModSource. You are correct, but since, I only have their released footage to use, so far. That was all I can do.
  22. But, they won't have to worry about waiting in line to get their crash ticket resolved like the rest of us. There will be benefits for waiting.
  23. On the contrary, I have yet to see anything that suggests there will be multiple player ships in the same scene. It looks like an old arcade game.
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