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  1. With the rule of two, for the Sith, returned in the Legacy of the Force series. The Imperials are out of sight and out of mind until the very end. The Yuuzhan Vong have been defeated. (Jaden Korr and Kyle Katarn both make cameo appearances in the series.) My question is this? Who would they fight? The former rebels and the Imperials are side by side in this conflict towards the end. The Sith rule the former Rebellion, Darth Caedus aka Jacen and Tahiri his apprentice, and the Jedi are exiles in their own country. So, although I'm with you on making a new one, but think about where it would go in the storyline. Yes, it has to be cannon, since the other stories are cannon. DarthJacen
  2. I was just wondering if anyone would be willing to make it so that Rosh Pennin looks like he joined the Sith Cult when we see him again on Vjun. Sith eyes, would be one thing, maybe black clothing to go with it and a permanent scowl on his face. I mean, I think he should have Jedi brown clothing when he's a Jedi, and Sith style clothing when he's returns as a prominent member of the Disciples of Ragnos. Although, I don't think it can be done. It would be cool when Jaden says. "Rosh? You're a Jedi!" The eyes go back to their natural blue, and then come back when the Twins say, "Enough talk! Rosh, finish off this puny Jedi, so we can complete our task!"
  3. Thank you for being as helpful as possible, I must be the only one who cares about the lightsaber colors. I still don't really know what I'm doing, and will probably not do anything because I don't want to break a game that's not broken. The only time this matters in single player is On Korriban 1 and 2 where it randomly generates Jedi and lightsaber colors. Also, when you spawn in a Jedi or a Jedi master, the Jedi has a yellow lightsaber. Thank you and I hope to talk to you soon.
  4. I'm very disappointed with the lack of help. I am not a modder. I am a person who thinks that game developers put too many saber colors in this game and did not follow the example given by George Lucas. I watched the actors talk to him about this very subject during the making of the Episode II Arena scene. All the actors were very curious about that, and the only reason that Samuel L. Jackson asked for a purple lightsaber was so that he could pick himself out in when he got a chance to watch the movie. So, please somebody give me a set of instructions, on what tools I need, and what I need to limit. I really want a mod that does this, but I'm the only one, so that means I have to do it. And, I'm NOT a modder. I'm a fan of the Star Wars movies, games, and books, but I don't sit here for hours on hand doing nothing. I'm sure we all have lives, but at least the modders, here know what they're doing.
  5. What's a PK3? How do you code? I am not a modder. I don't know what I'm doing. Would someone please help me? I have all the mp3 on my itunes. I had a kotor tool that I used to open those files, but there doesn't seem to be one set tool for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.
  6. My favorite ones for battle songs would be the Assault on the Sail Barge From Return of the Jedi, and the Assault on the Trade Federation Battle cruiser From the Phantom Menace.
  7. Is there a music mod out there that changes the background music of the single player music to music that makes sense for the scene in which we explore during the game. The Princess Leia theme for Korriban is out of place. The Emperor's throne room is the song of the Sith. That is what should be playing. And, the battle music should be the theme that plays when Jedi and Sith fight each other in the movies Duel of the Fates. Other themes are out of place, too. The song of the Force should be playing in the Jedi Tomb. I'm a music major in college, so bear with me if you don't know what I mean about music making sense. Darth Caedus
  8. Oh, yeah and on coding how would I do that. What tool would I need? I am really new at this.
  9. I wish, I knew, how to do that. I think, it's just silly to have the orange and yellow lightsabers when, during the making of the AOTC documentary on the bonus disk of the DVD set, Samuel L. Jackson asked George Lucas about what there lightsaber colors would be, and he said, "Good guys are blue and green. Bad guys are red." (He isn't big on terminology) And, Jackson asks, "Can I have purple?" Lucas looks at him and thinks a bit, and said, "We can do purple." But, yeah for the most part blue and green for Jedi, and red for Sith.
  10. I was wondering if there was a way to limit the lightsaber colors to just the Lucas approved lightsaber colors mostly Blue, and Green for Jedi with the option of purple, and red for Sith or Dark Jedi. I'd like to get rid of the yellow and orange saber colors. Thank you, Jacen Solo/ Darth Caedus The new Dark Lord of the Sith
  11. I, actually, have a request that is more than plausable. My request is that the Black, Gold, and Red mandalorians that replaced the generic mandalorians in "The Sith Lords" be adapted to the original kotor mandalorians. Unlike in "The Sith Lords" kotor only has three mandalorians, Alien_mandalorian_01, Alien_mandalorian_02, and Alien_mandalorian_03. I alread have the new mandalorians mod that places Canderous into the red mandalorian armor. I tried to do the replacements myself with the TSL version of movie mandalorians and it almost worked. The helmet was mostly recognizable except for the long column of gray coming out of Canderous's head, but the armor didn't work at all. It became a mess of red and black. Would someone please, please adapt the movie mandalorians to the original game. I would be so wonderful to look at Canderous and say now that is a mandalorian. This is the guy that is supposed to turn into Jango Fett in my version of "The Sith Lords". But if anyone, gets permission from Olsen to do this, since he doesn't seem to want to do this, please put it with an installer that will modify the appearance.2da and head.2da files do I do not have to replace in my other mods. I am a big fan of you guys. So much so, that I actually started to teach myself how to do it myself. Canderous Ordo, Jagi, Eregon, Sherok, and Bendak Starkiller are the only named mandalorians in the game. I know I would be guilding the lilly if I asked for them to have unique armors like Kelborn and Bralor in TSL. One day, I might be able to do it myself with help from you veterans out there, but right now I just want to make this request. Thank you, DarthJacen P.S. Just in case anyone wants to know, Jacen's actual sith name is Darth Caedus. When he became the new Dark Lord of the Sith, he chose this as his new identity to show his full devotion to the dark side of the Force.
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