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  1. Weeeeell, I'm around in some shape, yeah! Came back to help with the new site to be honest, then had some family stuff happen which stopped me doing that.. All good now, though! :)


    How's tricks? :)

  2. Read and write, same as with guns. ^_^

  3. If you followed that tutorial, i'm assuming you used the replacer in MDLOps, which you don't need to do with gun models, only lightsabers. A plain read and write should suffice. ^_^

  4. Nopes, i'm PM-less. >_<

  5. 'Ello sailor. I've been working night shifts recently, so whenever i'm at home i'm pretty much asleep all the time. Then when I get up, I go back to work...


    No Skype time for meeeee! xD

  6. Sure thing, go for it. :)

  7. Heya, just to let you know I haven't forgotten; the Escape Pod placeable is on its way. Had something come up which stopped me working on it.

  8. Might help, right? XD


    Yeah, no worries, i'll be on tonight after work. :)

  9. Ceeeeertainly dear. :)

  10. Sure, what kinda thing you after? :)

  11. If you take a look at this:




    It should explain which fields in the .are and .ifo files you need to edit to match your model. ;)

  12. Oh, that. Sorry, i'll try and get round to it soon. :)

  13. Ugh, sorry Canderis. What tutorial is that again?


    Sorry mate, i've been a bit busy lately, so i've had next to no time to do anything online or computer wise. The new missuss sees to that. :p

  14. Sure. Just make sure to credit me in your readme and include my original readme with your mod. :)

  15. Well there's a blast from the past. :p


    I'm not to shabby, cheers, just a little stressed with all my exams LOOMING over me. >_>


    Modding-wise, i'm kinda dormant too. XD


    How's things?

  16. You there. Get thy arse on MSN. I has news. ;)

  17. boy. :)


    and her name's Elena ;)

  18. they're both blonde. that's it. >_>

  19. no. it's elena from uncharted. :)

  20. Captain Scarlet? Bloody hell, nostalgia ftw.


    Thanks for that. :D

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