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  1. well hello there :p

  2. Think of it this way:


    You're two weeks closer to your next break. :p

  3. Hehe, I still have another week left before I go back. I've got my GCSE's this year, so what you're feeling now will be all year for me. :p


    This whole year will be FAIL. :(

  4. It'll get you down eventually. :p


    EXAMS :xp:


    Yeah, i'm great too. Just got my second Piano exam out of the way.. >_>

  5. Ooh, hello stranger. :p


    The Valleys are absolutely 'crackin' as we would say.


    Time to blow the dust off of your Skype, methinks. See if we can't get a certain Doc to get his arse in gear, too. :p

  6. Ooh, there's a blast from the past. :p


    It's been a while. ^_^ How've you been?

  7. Don't leave me. :cry6:

  8. Ah, you mean the name you log into the Network Sites with and the developer name that appears at the top of a file page?


    If yours are different, I can change your developer name to match your log in name if you want. If you want to change your log in username though, you'll have to just start a new account.

  9. How do you mean?

  10. The whole network is. :)

  11. No, it doesn't. But if anybody posts a link, I want to be be Ӄhrizby, seeing as he's the actual author.

  12. Oh dear. If you want to host it with a file hosting service like MediaFire, you can post the link in a comment on the file page if you want, until I an get it fixed.

  13. I was talking to Mand'alor. ;)

  14. Make Lea (<3) come to my house and sing.


    Then I will love you.

  15. @Below:


    Weren't you complaining about me being harsh a while back? :p

  16. The bottom still has a sharp edge. :p

  17. Well, it could do with having the sharp 'ends' removed at the edges of the picture. :p


    Perhaps by scaling Lea (<3) down slightly and then putting the glow around her? :p

  18. Nah, i'm ok cheers. :)

  19. I'd say dude, stop stealing things from my hard drive. :p

  20. Do not mock the Lea.


    She is god.



  21. I'm not sure, mate.


    It was quite a while ago now. :p

  22. Yeah, you borrowed them from Alpha77's mod, IIRC, and his mod looked to contain plagiarised material.


    That's why we couldn't accept yours. :)

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