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  1. Bugger...


    You needs to be going down the the shop. :lol:

  2. your avvy looks like you

  3. Darn.. I knew I forgot something. :p

  4. Aww... Here are a few things I know you'll enjoy. Just to make you feel better:






  5. You need more messages. :p

  6. Politicians speak nothing but truth at all times.



  7. George Bush told me.


    And he never lies about anything.



  8. Lies.


    Everone knows that the only living things on the sun are evil Hedgehogs with green noses.



  9. It may be slightly too warm for you...


    Only by a few hundred thousand degrees though.. :p

  10. :lol:


    Tower indeed... :p

  11. Hmm...


    Was it this:




    If so, that's an explosion, not a tower. :lol:

  12. Was it the Freddie Mercury one?

  13. Tis the original one I used back in my DDD days. ;)


    I just keep comig back to it over and over again...

  14. My cousin recently died, so it's just a little message for her..


    And no, I have no idea what you're on about :p

  15. Fixed the issue with Tagged..


    I hope.. ;)

  16. Sorry about that..


    I'll try and get that sorted out. :)

  17. Heh, i'll eat anything that has sugar in it.. :p

  18. Very true...


    Careful you don't eat too much.. ;)

  19. Ok Bee..


    I believe you. ;)

  20. @Below:


    Voldemort? :o

  21. ChAiNz...


    Your new avvy PWNS! :D

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