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  1. I've long wanted to make a MI fan game, and recently I put together a story. I'd be interested to see if I can pull it off. So I made a post over here. What I really need in order to do the first part, would be someone willing to make 6x backgrounds (the total number of rooms I require), and someone willing to make the characters for me (animation preferred, but so long as I have characters) - I need about 10-12 characters. If anyone's interested let me know. The puzzle structure for this part is complete, and it isn't long!
  2. I hope they've improved Monkey1 SE and corrected the verb-tags for the inventory in Monkey2SE. As it is you can only ever "look" or "use" your items in Monkey2SE, not "give" unless you switch mode; try giving the monocle to Wally.
  3. Okay guys, shortly (within a few weeks) I'll be making a printable resource page on my website that will include my M1 and M2 posters (but in slightly better quality then I have provided before) and additionally a "recreated M1 poster" - in other words, I'll be making a poster that looks almost identical to the real Monkey 1 poster. (The main difference will be that the Monkey1 logo cannot be moved to the correct position, nor do I intend to since it would make it near impossible to distinguish the two from low-res pictures). Then I will also be providing the manuals I created in 07 (possibly editied versions), and hopefully a new Madness manual too. I've found a highly reccomended website for printing these things, and once I've checked it out hopefully I can also reccomend it.
  4. Here's a little in-between version (converted to 129 colours just as your "new" background is): I definatly prefer your 8-bit version, but thought it could do with a tad more work as pictured, let me know what you think!
  5. Have a look at what I picked up on ebay for $20.70 including postage: Yes, I've wanted one of these for sooo long! And at that price, everything else was a bonus: I'll make scans of these when I get a chance to hook up my scanner Oh, and I've never before seen that the disc looks like this: It is a standard 1.0 Monkey Island Madness disc, which means the content is identical the version you'd all be familiar with:
  6. "Official"? Nice! Is that the completed version? I really like it. Would have been interesting to see what Struzan would have come up with and done differently after all these years!
  7. Sky this is great news indeed. I'd love to get a copy to review on scummgames.net - I have barely done any work on the website in the last two years, but that's about to change I promise, I have a real passion for the adventure game community and I'll be putting reviews up of Telltales other games (when I get the chance to play through them, etc) as well as adding classic ones soon, I think starting next month I'll aim to do at least one game per month Can you shoot me an email daniel at scummgames dot net when you're closer to release? I will certainly promote the game for you at scummgames.net in the future (as long as it's good, and I trust that it will be)!!! In the meantime I really wish you very good luck with this project and in the future!
  8. Mine are at: http://scummgames.net/miposters.php and http://plamdi.deviantart.com/gallery/ I've had two PM's about the codewheels... here's a 2MB download (temporary link): http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/7682/codewheelprint.jpg They print at 512dpi. It's a full A4 sheet.
  9. They most certainly did! Have a look at the scratch marks present on my scan: As for the detail, that's because I used the KIXX box primarily, although difficuilt to tell for that particular part it is significantly more detailed than the IBM box. (same section from my IBM scan). Nice to see people using these things... intelligently?
  10. hello. i recently say you posted some printable versions of the monkey island code wheels. i've been trying to print it, but i didn't succeed. the wheels print either too big or at the same size, so i don't know if i have to resize them, or how i have to do it. i would be very grateful if you could help me. thanks in advance!

  11. Thanks for the compliment! For your enjoyment (/laughing pleasure) here are now my friends with hair problems: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Not only receeding very quickly, he also has an unfortunatly shaped head! As you can imagine from the lack of hair in front of them, there isn't much to see under those sunglasses. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Taken in August 2008, and one year before the preceeding photo Not only is he quite a bit fatter than I am, but his widow's peak is enormous. And here's another one of me, from 2008 with friends: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  12. Well Okay, I suppose if we go back to december 2005 ... Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) August 2006 (after growing my hair for about 5-6 months and my beard for about 3 months) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) April 2007: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Feburary 2009: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) August 2009 (with some of my friends): Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  13. That's not on the way from Brisbane to Sydney.
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