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  1. Well... I see nobody has an answer to my problem I posted way back in March, but maybe there's someone out there who can answer this one. In Solomen's Revenge you need to go into the mining caves to solve the quest. However, whenever I go in there the program CRASHES. I've reinstall Solomen's patch 1.1 and Brotherhood 1.7 patch and it still happens. Is there anyone who can help? A Jedi In Need!
  2. I'm having trouble with The Solomens Revenge (Brotherhood of the Shadow Mod) I installed the mod some time ago and It worked just find (after the patches were installed) now I felt like replaying it again. To start the mod you have to finish the Leviathan quest then return to Korriban and talk to Driz Kaliwt in the cantina. But when I get there he's not in there. Problem 1! So I decided to reinstall the mod using the TSL Patcher. The very first time I installed it there were no errors, however now I get this one from the install log " Error: Specified file was a 2DA file but not in binary format. That format is unhandled at this time. Unable to load . (2DA-1)" I thought it must be due to another mod I've installed, but I can't seem to locate this file. HELP! I've even reinstalled all the patches that I have to fix this to no avail. Does anyone out there ever had this problem and maybe help me out? Jedi in need!
  3. This is gonna sound crazy but I just now found your post way back in 2009!!!

    I only recently downloaded and began playing Solomon's Revenge and I've run into "EXACTLY" the same problem. I've read all the responses to your problem but did not get an exact resolution to it. If you're still a member and can still remember that far back, can you tell me what, it ever, you did to resolve it. I'd REALLY like to know! You could e-mail your answer to me at spiderbush@nc.rr.com If I don't hear from you then I'll just assume that you've gone on to other things.



  4. Have you ever had alot of crash problems while playing Solomon's Revenge?

  5. Thanks I found the place to ask my question and just posted it, but maybe you could help I'm having alot of problems with Brotherhood of the Shadows Solomen's Revenge have you ever used this mod?

  6. Hello, this is going to sound stupid but it's been along time since I've been on this site, so here goes... How do I post a new question regarding a problem with something?

  7. Thanks Darth I GOT IT!

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