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  1. I have many skins but i got used to Jan lol. I'll use only this as >100 Pointz member. Thx for attention.
  2. That could be stupid but...i had this error when i accidentally launched the game second time.
  3. Ok guys, last phase of tests arrives. There are still some problems with spawns, but I think they couldn't be fixed for now. Anyway, if it turns up that this version is good, it will be used on tntserver. Today we'll be testing so everyone is welcome. http://files.filefront.com/Taspir+basepk3/;11268604;/fileinfo.html
  4. That's interesting coz there were all disabled . I'll release new version of that domination map in two days.
  5. There is no domination gametype. It would take too many time and work to create it. It's using normal tffa.
  6. But not on this small map, there will be forcefields but only on big maps and only on the hardest points. I can guarantee you that it's 100% impossible in OJP. Have you ever seen any weapons or ammo on the maps in OJP? Misc_ammo_floor doesn't work too so you must ask DD as I can do nothing here. I'll try to make this first domination map ready in 3 days coz I'm going on holidays on thursday.
  7. If someone wants to help with testing domination gametype download this map: http://www.mediafire.com/?ytokjgndmnp and connect to OJP Domination Test server now.
  8. First thing is impossible and strange, but i can add medpacks and shields. With activated forcefields capturing such control point would be nearly impossible.
  9. Hello guys, I've got two news: bad and good. Maybe I'll start from bad: I'm freezeing the Mars Defense project. It's smiply too big and too complicated to do for now and I don't have idea how should it looks at the end. The good news that after few days of work and problem I've finally created domination gametype. How does it works? There are several control points on the map which are neutral. Red and blue team must capture these points as at the beggining they we'll only have one spawnpoint. So they need to capture control points to have more spawns. Capturing the control point also activates the automatic defense. So far it can: - give spawn points - activate automatic defense - give points - print the text message on the screen I'm writing about that as I want community to say its opinion. What should I add? What should I modify? Etc. When you'll run out of ideas I'll start to convert multiplayer maps on domination gametype and post it in this thread. That's all for now, Kaldar - out.
  10. Max does better and he doesn't have orgasm becouse of that. Yeah create it and post everything you want in it. Every update etc. but stop spamming in other topics. Thanks.
  11. OMFG. You know what? Noone cares about your mod -.- Some ****ty sounds and effects, that's all. Stop advertising this mod in EVERY topic as it's ****ing annoying...
  12. Good idea i will turn up EDIT:http://www.xfire.com/clans/ojp/ This will help with organisation!
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