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  1. I apologize for not replying for a few days, I lost my internet connection. I'll send you the e-mail again soon.
  2. Yes... I sent you a second one, to that other address you asked me to email you (not the hotmail one). I guess it would be simpler to talk via these forums.
  3. Hey, I sent you an e-mail earilier, I just wanna make sure you got it. Basiclly, I just wanna talk to you about the intro.
  4. O.k. I understand.... I'll level with you, it would be difficult for me to create complex scenes featuring complex characters on my own, without any help at all. But, lesser time consuming and difficult scenes, such as vehicles, space crafts, space scenes, flybys, buildings, citys, different areas, and pretty much anything which isn't a character, would be much easier for me to create on my own. There is ofcourse a possibily to get a couple of more people to work with me and as a result create more impressive scenes. As for prerenderd graphics looking better then in-game cinematics, it would depend on the complexity, and the amount of time I have. In general, prerenderd graphics are much better, then the in-game cinematics. I understand you're worried, but the best way to solve this, is to create a test/example scene, and from that you could decide for yourself.
  5. I checked the links ....they seem fine, but nevermind them. As for your question, I don't exactly understand what you're looking for in my answer, and what "people animations" are you refering to. You've got to be a bit more specific about what you want. Don't say just people animations, describe an entire sequence (not to long for now), and I will gladly go over every aspect of it with you. As for your question, I suppose I'll just build a character and a skeleton to match. Buit if you're refering to key framed animation vs. something else (i.e. motion capture), then I'm afraid I don't have the recourses for anything besides keyframing.
  6. Hmm...I don't know why you cant see the pics.... Anyways, If I were to do any kind of motion video, then I am strictly talking about prerenderd animation. I suppose that if you wish to make a mixed intro, it would be wise to split it to at least two people, one would do the ingame and one the prerenderd. If you would be more specific about what this intro would feature, I could perhaps prepare a "test" segment so you could decide if I'm fitting for the job.
  7. I'm surprised you answered positivly. I wasn't expecting an answer at all. Anyways, I don't have much expirience, but I do want to try this. I would like it if you tell me what you're looking for, and I will judge by the complexity of it if I'm capable of doing it. Now, I don't have much old work to show you, but I'll find a few pics. Just please, don't judge entirely by them. Heres a pic of some LEGO vechiles hovering over the water. The goal was to make computer LEGO, so keep that in mind: Heres a pic of some asteroids in space: I'm willing to show you full motion video, but I don't have enough space to host it on.
  8. I was just wondering if you're in need of cinematics (for a singleplayer portion maybe?). If you're interested, and want to see some of the old stuff I did, just post so.
  9. I was wondering if you guys at wired lamp studios are searching for staff, specificly, a cinematic guy. Now I'm not asking you to join me to your staff, since were both not interested in that (I suppose). What I am asking though, is that you give me a cinematic you want to make, and I'll try and do it in a reasonable amount of time. Either I'll tell you I give up, or I'll make it. I see no way anyone can loose. Please, think about this, it doesn't even have to be a cinematic which is connected to the game, it could be a trailer, an introduction, anything. Please answer back.... ---Drew Carey
  10. I've started a small project and could use some help. It really isn't anything serious, but I tend to get stuck often as that I am not very experienced. If anyone answers, I'll explain my problem. Any response is welcome.
  11. In the requierments, it says you can play with up to 32 players in LAN and 16+ over the net. I don't see an option for anything more then 16. I can insert more on the player limit, but on the list, where you choose bots or humens, there's only 16. Has anyone been able to play with more?
  12. If I understand correctly there's a default FPS (frames per second) of 80. I would like to not have a limit at all, or if that can't be done then perhaps set it to 300 or something. Does anyone know how to set it?
  13. HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! you suck!, you don't have JO and every one else does!. You must be wasting your time sobbing and crying and looking at the window for the mail man!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!. P.S. I don't have it either. Can't wait.
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