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  1. I think that the best parts of her character were cut and that you should be able to romance her.
  2. Happy belated B-Day! Hey! You stole the link in my signature!
  3. What do want them to say, "There is no canon ending to this game so we can't say anything about it"?
  4. ^^^ You made that sound about 20 times more wrong then it does in game.
  5. W00T! First Post well on Sunday, that is. I really hope it is Atris she pretty much got shafted because of cut content and I think it would be great if her character was expanded. (Besides, she looks HAWT in black. ) Also, when was made it canon that TSL had a DS ending? EDIT: EST, D'oh! Also Sunday is the 8th.
  6. Wait. Have you not beaten the game? Bao's supposed death doesn't matter so much as the line isn't enough to go off of.
  7. Does anyone else think that they may not be revealing games because they got fired? Isn't it possible that they say these games are being made so that if Lucas Arts doesn't announce them, that there will be already angry fans, who will be even angrier and Lucas Arts will be given a bad rap? Also how do we even know that these people work for Lucas Arts? Another thing is I find interesting is that the original site said it was a rumor and the other two sites don’t.
  8. Sourced to something that's sourced to something that's sourced to something. Why didn't you get straight from the original source?
  9. Uhh... Great! Now I can't think without being highly disturbed.
  10. Sorry if this is rude, but shouldn't you have corrected it? Also no Wiki is ever free of vandalism, as an example: @Topic: As mentioned many times, definitive evidence of Revan doing the deed was published in Insider 88, which was released two years before this topic began.
  11. Mission was Fourteen in K1, and she only used the basic scoundrel models. For who is undertaking this; I believe the scoundrel models are in TSL (albeit the new models).
  12. Nope, in the The New Essential Chronology it says that Malachor V is finally destroyed, that only happens in the LS ending.
  13. Except of course, The New Essential Chronology pretty much confirmed the lightside ending as canon.
  14. "Marriage bores me. I often suspect my opponent of cheating. I prefer predictable things, such as galactic economics."
  15. I find it interesting that you didn't question why HK has more votes than anyone else.
  16. Pfft! Originals Fanboy... Honestly, I dont know what causes Revan fanboys, I always thought that most PCs are shallow characters. I remember yesterday's PotD on KotORFiles, I remember how many times I resisted posting, because of stuff like this:
  17. The line is actually, "I'm a Person and my name is Anakin!".
  18. HK? I don't think he was that much of a hero. Link and Apollo Justice. OK, Apollo wasn't really a hero, but...
  19. In case you're not just spamming... I believe he meant a mission, that is a hunting mission.
  20. Brings back bad memories of Super Mario Brothers...
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