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  1. Yes I tried to make a stupid joke with the title. Is it just me or does it seem that many people think they are cool or l337 just because they can use heavy and overhead swing and do the the jumping saber attack? I am tired of being called a noob at dueling when all they do is those two moves. Even after I winnig a few duels using meduim and light stances, I am still called a noob for taking to long. Oh well I hope it is just the servers I have been on lately or the comumnity has gone downhill. Okay rant over.
  2. Funny I started out playing the sp game on Jedi knight and it added a blue swirl around a force push/pull object. Oh well I would have preferred that it didn't do that unless it was set on easy. It isnt' that hard to figure out what you can use the force on in the game.
  3. You may want to read the end users liscence(sp?) sometime. You bougth the rights to use it on one single computer. That is why corperations buy software in multiple users lots so that they don't end up getting fined for fradulent use. Last time I heard (local buisness was found guitly of this a while ago)the fine was $1500 for each license violation. Oh well anythign we say isnt' going to stop you. Especially with no cd copyright protection a moron like you could make multiple working copies with out a second thought. Also they are right in questioning your intelligence for asking for cracks ect on a messageboard run by the people who made the game. They may take the time to alert the proper athorities. Many warez groups members have been arrested and charged lately if you hadn't noticed.
  4. Whell Gondor's problem isn't tat hard to fix. Simple answer is that you need more ram. The game stuters because all your physical ram is taken up and the game needs to use the swap file on your hard drive(virtual memory) to meet the ram needs. Getting more memory and you game should run fine. Every Nt type os (xp, 200, nt) user should have atleast 256 megs of memery in their computer due to the increased needs of the nt oses compared to the 9x oses. As for the others I am not sure how to fix yours. I do wonder what drivers JediDrew is using with the 7200. Granted I sold my ati radeon 64 vivo right before getting this game but I still somewhat have a clue about ati cards. I wonder if you are using official ones or beta ones from Rage3d.com? The forums at Rage3d.com might be a good place to ask if anybody else is having simular problems. Oh well it is almost 3 am so I am falling asleep at the keyboard. Sorry topreacher that I can't offer any help to you right now. Oh well I hope you all get your problems fixed. This game is great when it works.
  5. He is just making fun of that Navaros guy. I thought it was obvious what he was doning but I guess not.
  6. Am I playing on the wrong servers or something? I challange people to duels and most of the time get attacked for doing so. I have been on a few server where people a couple people accepted but it seems to be a rare ocurence. I know that you can't duel in ctf games but I would think a few people would accept once in a while on ffa. I am begining to loose faith that it is worth challenging people any more. Also is there a server people from this messagboard frequent? It woudl be nice to go up against a few of the people that post here.
  7. Warning somewhat spoiler [Edit - Stormy - it's easier to use the [ spoiler ] tags. ]
  8. Doh I was going to sugguest going to Newegg but your in Cananda so that idea is out. The game would probably run okay on your system but don't expect to be running with everything on high. As for upgrade ideas I am not sure. Since I would assume that you don't have much money for an upgrade I will stick with a mb that uses the sd ram.(all prices in Us dollars) cpu 1gh+ duran(morgan core, close to non xp athlons) $52(retail=hsf inclued and warrenty) $40 oem mb ECS K7S5A $52 video card Gainward gf2 ti 450 golden sample $99.00 I took these prices from Newegg so they are close to what you might find on internet sites that ship to Canada. For about the same amount you were going to spend on a video card you could get a system that would last for a while. If you were willign to spend more I would recomend a different mb and or ram. Hope this helps.
  9. I am surprised that more and more people are having trouble with the puzzles. To me they are not that hard and add something to the game. I am glad it is like this. Rtcw for example was easy and repetative and for the asking price of $60 it was not worth it.(to me mp is the only reason to buy it) With the puzzles it gives it the added difficulty and breaks up the monoteny of just going from room to room killing stuff. Oh well a game cant please 100% of the people who play it.
  10. I am always amazed that people like BFP and DBZ. Oh well as for your questions. 1.Never bother with cheats so I don' t know. 2.Haven't been near any water yet (Bespin) but I have heard that there is water somewhere in the game. 3. Wow, wanting more maps for a game that is a couple days old. Give the moding comunity time man. If you want them go make them yourself or wait. 4.You must not have played much of the sp game have you. There is one and it even playes the Max Reebo (sp?) band music from Retern of the Jedi. 5.Also havn't run into any mosters, but fighting Atsts was fun and they are pretty big. I even tried to take one of the parked ones for spin but no go.
  11. Misa


    That is the price for the collectors version. The regular version retailes for less(49.99) It is nice to know that I am not alone in thinking $60 is over the top for a game(ex Rtcw). But with the collectors edition you get a lightsaber key chain, JK and dark forces.
  12. I had not seen that one yet, thank you. I really thought that last line was funny.
  13. You guys must not be playing with the right people or servers. It works fine for me and the other people on the ctf server I was playing yesterday. I assume that you guys are out of practice or not targetign the weapon but the person when you are trying to pull the weapon. Oh well sorry that you can't get Force Pull to work.
  14. Misa

    Hard or easy?

    Well I am playing it on jedi knight to give myself somewhat of a challenge. (many fps vet)
  15. Sounds like you didn't unistall the old drivers completely when you updated the detenator drivers. Nvidia drivers don't always play nice with different versions. Sounds like you have an open gl problem on your computer. The only thing I can think of off the top of my head for gl problems is to get new drivers. Since you are the first i have heard to have opengl problems with that mx card it would have to be the driversl.
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