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  1. Huh, strange. Whats the name of the scene? (Didn't someone say that the ebon hawk accually was destroyed when DS?)
  2. Do anyone have a picture of a iridorian without his armor (on wookiepedia, that armorsuit leaves much to the imagination) to prove this? Do they have horns etc?
  3. I don't know... sounds a little strange that the dark side of the Force would have influence over an entire species. So every iridonian is doomed to be a darksider, if not entierly he always is it deep in his heart? If it IS true it sounds quite sad to me, always playing lightsider. Bao-Dur seems like the lightest character in the entire game if you ask me.
  4. Totally forgot about Bao-Dur being silent to Kreia, know why that is btw? Anyway, guess you're right. But I still think that it's still a little bit clumbsy by the lucasarts crew to even make anyone think that the ending is paradoxal.
  5. Yeah I know, but it would suffer awesome damage if it fell from a great distance. Maybe Bao-Dur would be killed in that crash, I mean Kreia doesn't even know his future.. why? Because he died in the crash. And concerning the balls (guess you mean remote and G0-T0), they are left to die on Malachor when the mass shadow generator is to be activated, thus they are not onboard the ebon hawk. And even if Bao-Dur survives "the death of the Ebon Hawk", he wouldn't be able to repair it that quick, not even with the Force. So you got to do some better explaining than that!
  6. (I don't know if this has come up before, but I'll post it anyway). In the end of KotOR II (if you play it LS anyway, don't know about playing DS) there is a scene that's named "Death of the Ebon Hawk" where the Ebon Hawk falls down in some pit and I guess it's destroyed by the fall. But when Kriea dies it's the Ebon Hawk that saves you when the place colapses. I'm just wondering if this accually is a paradox or if there's something I'm not getting. I'd like to think that the guys that made the game thought the end through enough to not make any stupid paradoxes..
  7. But I haven't talked with her about her mother yet, I can't - that's the problem. Oh well, thanks anyway.
  8. As I wrote before I already have 100 influence with this brianna (if you mean brianna=handmaiden). Kreia isn't spilling anything, I've tried to talk with her about the handmaiden but nothing new..
  9. I've done the other stuff but it's something, for some reason, that hasn't triggerd the thing so I can talk about her mother.
  10. I am having some trouble with making handmaiden a jedi. I believe there should pop up some conversation line about her mother when talking to her and later on in that conversation you can turn her into a jedi. I've fought her the three (or were there more?) times possible and the KSE says I have a 100 % influence over her. I've also seen the scene where two other handmaidens talk about her mother. I'm in the end of the game, all the planets with the jedi masters have been visited and I only have the conclution on dxun/onderon left. Q: so when does the conversation line about her mother come up? or Q: what do I alter in the KSE to make it happen? Thank you for your answers. Edit: Hm, it might be "000_Hand_Mom_PC:". Do you think so? Although, the best way would be not manipulating in KSE.
  11. I'm wondering if any of you who has a female main character in KotOR II remembers if Revan is refered as a male or female? Because while my main character being male all the others refers to Revan as a female (when on i.e. Wookiepedia Revan comes off as a he), and I think I know why. The first time I played KotOR II I thought all along that the main character indeed was Revan (AGAIN!) because I got all these indications and vibes (same ship, same places, same appearance (if you choose), same mysterious background, Revan nowhere to be seen and so on...). But the mysterious thing was the fact that others always refered Revan as a female when my exile was male! Then I figured, maybe Lucas Arts realized that some players might think that the exile was Revan so they made a very cheap resolution and made Revan refered to the exile's opposite gender in all of the conversations just so you wouldn't think it was KotOR I all over again... What do you think?
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