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  1. first he SHOULDENT of done PC cuz nearly 50% of games from a series that have already gone on PC the next will unless they make a PC2 lol and nearly 70% of games ARE remade to GO on PC but with some upgraded multiplayer stuff so if it dont go on PC just you wait, it'll come out later with more mutiplayer benifits trust me im a gamer!
  2. then make the rocket launcher weaker but still you walk slow, slow to reload, kinda realistic in a way
  3. woot i her ya! wish i could play online thouhg. hero in space? show your dog fighting skill! lol naaa more jedi would suk i came to the conclusion no jedi
  4. we live in AUS and it IS 100$!!! and if we buy on internet its different money and it adds up to 100$ AUS MONEY!!!!!!!!...........................fags........
  5. i dont get chain/spam email cuz all my friends h8 em so i never get them so i didnt know it was a spam name. Space wasnt THAT BAD but now i know what people do online with spawn killing i finally agree NO JEDI
  6. though what WAS bad about BF2? i LUVED IT! space, heros and BIG BATTLES!
  7. good point...... but if the online people were any good that wouldnt be a problem
  8. I want to know WHY u dont like jedi in the game and why u h8ed BF2 i know its not a jedi game and 1 guy said custom jedi well NO as for jedi.... should WE ( the guys that want jedi) hav to make jedi OR should it stay the way it is now THEY hav to say no jedi during options
  9. i think air strike would own to easily though that recon droid SHOULD hav a strong self destruct
  10. bash kik punch as long as theres a melee and make it strong cuz well come on! u risk ur life getting close then wham if it was weak well.. u dont hav a chance with no ammo
  11. i use cheats if i try the level fr months and cant do it. which has never happend. i agree cheats can be fun but yea THEY TAKE THE FUN OUT OF IT and so far no one agrees cheats except for the guy thats said u dont hav to use em. bu im not sure if he agreed i didnt read all of it. but all of us guys on the forums r pros right? if i could be a trooper mos eisly assult i would own all the jedi
  12. well my friend (im not ur firend i just like saying that) COD4 is VERY different in this im sure the wars a bigger so it need to be fair. and since the troops hav speaciltys (like commander incress def and droideka is fastest AND slowest unit in the game) if u could choose it would be very unfair Cough droideka with a rocket 4 steps sheild-BOOM-ball-Outta here
  13. srry my lil bro was hitting my arm at the time and my computer stuffed up so when i typed it better not be like COD4 it didnt come out
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