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  1. What triggers does it mess up? Is it possible to us the mod to fix the triggers as well?
  2. Hi! I was bored and watching Star Trek on TV. I was wondering if I could add an essential part of Trek technology to KotOR II: The Transporter! This could be incorporated into the cargo bay. This mod would give you a combadge, which you would receive while you visit your old quarters on the Harbinger. It would be useless until you reach Telos IV. This could be used throughout the game as an emergency escape in combat, or just a quick way to get back to the Ebon Hawk. When you active it, you need to wait five seconds as the transporter locks onto you. Then you will turn blue (like the effect of the energy shield) and the screen will turn black. The screen would then go back to the game, you, still blue in the transporter, turn back to normal. This mod would also add a new character: Scotty! A human male in a red shirt and black pants, he stands by the transporter (this part was a joke). But seriously, is it possible to Bao-Dur to be by the "Transporter Console" (a cosmetic only console)? Of course there would be places the transporter won't work. Here are the explanations: Onderon- The Ebon Hawk is on landed on planet or in orbit. It is still on Dxun. Sith Cave on Dxun- Only the Jedi Exile has the combadge, and thus the party members cannot beam themselves up. When the slavers are in the ship on Nar Shaada- The slavers cut the power, so you need to manually get there. G0-T0's ship- The ship's advanced shields prevents the transporter from penetrating it. Mercenary Attack on Dantooine- All the blaster fire interferes with the transporter's locking sequence. Malachor V- The Ebon Hawk is too damaged to use the transporter. Now, before I waste my time, is this possible?
  3. This is very interesting. It would be cool to have a new planet and level cap. The only issue with that is that the Chiss are from Csila, a planet the rebellion won't hear about for a while. Only top Imperial agents know anything about them. The Maulers are pushing it as it is.
  4. Kotor II. I guess I must of forgot to mention that.
  5. If you're ever on Intrepid, I suggest GAF (Galactic Armed Forces). It accepts Rebels, Imperials, or Neutrals. Check the GAF recruitment thread for more info.
  6. 30 days of playing it? So you can only play the game for a month?
  7. Is this enough Mando'a to Join?: * Atiniir (ah-teen-EER) - to endure, to stick with, to tough it out * Baatir (BAH-teer) - to care, to worry about * Beten - to sigh * Brokar - to beat (heartbeat, drumbeat) * Cuyir - to be, to exist * Dinuir (DEE-noo-eer) - to Give * Duraanir - to look down upon, to hold in contempt, to despise * Duumir - to allow * Ganar -to have * Hettir - to burn * Hibirar - to learn * Hukaatir (HOO-kaht-EER) - to protect, to cover, to shield * Jorso’ran - shall bear (archaic) * Jurir - to bear, to carry * Jorhaa'ir - to speak * Jurkadir - to mess with someone (lit: to brandish a saber) * Kar'taylir - to know * Liser - to be able to, can * Motir - to stand * Narir (nah-REER) - to act (carry out), to do * Nartir (nah-ree-TEER) - to place, to put * Nau'ur (also: sometimes seen as naur) (now-00R) - to light up * Nau'ur kad - to forge a saber * Nynir - to hit, to strike * Parjir - to win, to be victorious * Shabiir - to screw up * Shukur - to break, to smash/tear apart, to crush * Solus - each, individual, alone * Susulur - to hear, to listen * Takisir - to insult * Trattok’o - fall, fail * Udesiir - to relax, to rest, to be peaceful * Verborir - to buy, to hire, to contract * Vorer - to accept *Hut'uunla (hoo-OON-lah) - cowardly and Hero does not exist in Mando'a. I know some phrases too, I just didn't post them yet. I'll do it later. And yes, I found these words on wookieepedia. But I only wrote the words I know.
  8. Hi. Where can you down load RotW? I know, its a noob question, but I Am a noob.
  9. Sorry. Just another annoyance. When you use a droid personality chip, do you get to choose the droid's personality or is it a random thing? Cause I don't want my Droideka becoming a pacifist and having a sudden attraction to rainbows and flowers. EDIT: Thanks, DarthMaulUK.
  10. I have a noob question. I have Empire Divided and want Rage of the Wookiees. If I get it, will I have to pay for it every month in addition to Empire Divided?
  11. Yay tank droids. They're violent. They're helpful. But mostly violent. Yay violence! I like the HKs idea.
  12. I have a yatch called Kashyyk's Freedom, a Dune-Lizard called Borvo's Big Boy, a beginner privateer ship called Jabba's Little Helper. By the way, welcome to the forums, blyndfox
  13. I don't know, blyndfox. I don't like the idea of my characters head exploding because of one shot from a sonic blaster. Then again, it is a cool image.
  14. I'm sorry. I know of no picture. Its pretty much the horned creature from Attack of the Clones. Only larger, and yellow. If you do not understand what I'm talking about, go to StarWars.wikia.com then write Reek in the search box on the left of the homepage.
  15. I like the idea. I guess could do that too if I could figure out how to do it.
  16. Hi. I have a few ideas for playable sentients, like Hutts, Wookiees, Bith (Only problem is, if anyone uses sonic weapons, the Bith's head will explode), Twi'leks, Devaronians, Trandoshans, Gands, Gamoreans etc. Can someone tell me how to add them to the game? Hi. I was wondering if any one can tell me how to make this mod, too: Have Hanharr while lightside. He would spawn where he usually spawns and you get the same dialog options. Then I thought, 'It isn't fair that DS chars have to have Hanharr while LS chars have a choice. This will also have a new option for players. The Exile could say, 'Whatever it is, I'm NOT interested Hairball.' Then you Just walk to the docks and there Mira is!
  17. This is awesome........... if only I knew how to mod. DARN!!!! Oh, by the way, could you add more species for KotOR II? Most of the species you listed are only for KotOR.
  18. I want these planets: 1) Hoth; Wampas would be hard to defeat. Good way to get xp and maybe train a Tauntuan and use it as a puppet? You could give it to one of your party members. 2) Csilla; This frozen waste-land is the planet the mighty Chiss race calls home. Because of crystals the Ebon Hawk crashes on the homeworld. 3) Morseer; the homeworld of the Morseerians. Morseerians breath the toxic gas Methane, so I hope you bring either (A) an enviro-suit or (B) know the breath control force power. (Sorry for the spelling) 4) Lwhekk; the Ssi-ruu homeworld. You come seeking peace, but all castes but the Brown one attacks you. The Brown ones (being the lowest caste and many being killed at birth) help you. You escape and a brown one sneaks on board. Party Member! 5) Tof/Nagai; You get a distress call from a near-by space battle. You either help the Nagai, or kill him for being weak. Which ever one you choose, the other team wants you dead. So, gear up, another battle! Helping the Nagai is canon, cause if you help the Tofs, the Nagai start to flee to known space. Isn't that oh, say...... 4,000 years ahead of the plan? 6) some other Unknown world 7) some other unknown world 8) Rakata Prime 9) Some other Unknown world 10) True Sith Home World Observation: Notice that I only chose planets in the Unknown Regions. Thats 'cause I want to bring down this Sith empire already!
  19. Awesome! Those could be added with the Ithor expansion (if Lucas Arts will bother listening to my ideas about Ithor)
  20. Okay, I want the HK-47, T1-N1, B-4D4, and 3C-FD summoning/ adding to/removing from the party mod. Just a question: If you remove them, will they leave for good or warp to the Hawk?
  21. What about a new expansion that allows you to land in the floating herd ships of Ithor? You could help the Empire in their little Ithor massacres or protect the Ithorian way and slaughter the group of hired mercenaries while they, being the pacifists they are, run to warn others? If you help the Ithorians, they will grant you access to the ground and give you quests, like protecting Herd Ships in orbit, gathering plants, killing an animal and bringing two blood samples back, protect the sacred bafoor trees from the empire, etc. If you help the Empire, they grant you access to the ground and give you quests like destroying herd ships, stealing valuable cargo by disabling them, killing baffor trees, and taking over a village by wiping the children and adults out........ all of them. There would also be a new mount: Ithorian Reek!!!!!
  22. GAF on Intrepid has recently been weakened by a large amount of people leaving. It is a truly great Guild. I am just upset that I cannot get onto SWG and help out with recruiting in-game. So, please try to contact Ocime, Ocimo, or Ocima. For more contacts, ask Rocky-balboa, but if he mentions a cute blonde wookiee named soste, don't ask him, since I'm Soste. About us (or them, if they kicked me out for not being there for so long): We accept people of both factions (IMPs and REBs) and people of any profession. Please don't insult other members, or you will be kicked out. MAJOR EDIT: Please tell them that Soste misses them please. If you cannot remember his name, just tell them the cute blonde wookiee said he misses them. Tell then if he is not back by next month, tell them to do this to him:
  23. That makes sense. I cannot think of any more party member ideas (any scripts or what they look like, besides the model used already), so what do you think she should look like now?
  24. HE commanded them? I thought it was HK-50. I must have either been so bored I didn't listen or so confused I did not understand lol.
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