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  1. I think it may be an Ord Mandell conflict, as I also am having an unstoppable crash in that section of the mod.

  2. Hey there!


    Long time... I have done some work on the scripting, and think we have things pretty well ironed out... Drop me a line! Test it!


    Hope you are well, and that RL has not been smashing you!

  3. Hey, if you get a chance, check out Khrizby's WIP thread. Not sure if I am on the right page on this one...

  4. hanging out at hssiss atm, working on your script.


    i am going to look at the talk-fight-talk tutorial again... i think it may be the answer here, as well as using the dialog editor to break things up into several smaller scripts rather than one big ring to rule them all


    EDIT: the talk-fight-talk sequence tutorial is excellent for this. we can apply the looping dead animation when the leader gets < 10 hp (while making him also immortal so he cannot "die").

  5. I hooked up Bonedragon Jedi with a merged jrl. Just thought I'd drop by and thank you for trying to help him out.


    I notice Q's message... are you rolling over the hill :lol: I will be 40 in July...


    Of course, y'all could have been talking about a PC level in a game..... :o

  6. I have a merged JRL for you. It is attached to this post.


    It is in 7zip format... Hopefully 7zip works fine for OS X? If not, I can use the regular zip format. Let me know :D

  7. All you need to make the Jawa Shop and Mekel mod work out is a merged global.jrl


    I know your computer cannot use the tools, so if you are still wanting this, let me know, and I will make a merged .jrl that you can put in your override and play-on.

  8. Having a busy stretch, but I am not frozen... My difficulty now actually lies in dialog extraction. I have been having a major brain fart and actually cannot remember where to find the dialogs for extraction, and somehow cannot find that tutorial here in our own forums :lol:


    That is silliness to be sure, but nevertheless true enough! It will be done, the issue boils down to ( in my veteran but not expert opinion ) is that the spawning of the Assassins and the Stalker in the OnEnter, with their corresponding OnPerception events, is too much for the engine to think about. This turns up with everybody appearing, but either not in the correct placement and/or not spawning invisibly (sigh... yeah that again)


    Hopefully knock it out on Saturday. If you have trask's dialog extracted and laying it down, send it to me and I won't have to bang my head on the desk :p

  9. Well, I am experimenting today... Basically, I have to leave the old OnEnter script I made alone, as adding to it makes the game chug a little at start-up and then nothing works exactly right. Therefore, I need to chop up that script into some smaller pieces. Hopefully by this eve I will have something that works better.

  10. Oh god.... Horror of horrors, my new scripts have done mischief :(


    Now the stalker did not spawn correctly, and the others spawned weirdly and not as intended... And the container disappeared :lol:


    So, uh, I have some polishing to do. It was fun to see those fancy purple pants in-game though, and Trash wearing the helmet was a cool bonus :)


    I will work it out... I think that I will need to move some of the script and attach it to portions of Trask's dialog rather than throught the OnEnter... the first part of the game in the apartment clearly was chugging and churning along.


    I may end up simply adding items to the original footlocker, and not mess with adding a new one, as I am having trouble getting it to spawn where I want to/at all.


    Anyways, progress is progress. I have found a few hiccups, nothing I can't handle!

  11. Ok, I will equip that mask on the .utc... I should be able to send you something by 10pm US EST. I have a few people dropping by to watch the American Football games... My Denver Broncos are god-awful....

  12. yeah.... I just had dummy placeholders for them in there, but they do spawn correctly according to class :) so, that script is working fine. Once I make these assassin .utc's the whole enchilada will be cooking!

  13. I downloaded it last night... gonna test everything today with the souped-up override :)

  14. Are the items I am giving overpowered? I know I need to edit the Sith Stalker... way too hard to defeat at that level, even though you have the temporary invincibility thing going on. Although, with the new items in the footlocker, maybe that battle will be a little more manageable... hmmm.


    Anyways, the main thing I need to do now is make .utc's for the assassins. I have to make two versions, one for the leader that will "see" your PC and Trask, and the other two will follow the leader. We will need someone who actively plays the game to test the encounters for balance... I have a tendency to make enemies too strong :)


    The good news: the scripting actually really is done now. It is saved, and as soon as I make the utc's, I will send you a package!

  15. Sorry to monopolize your visitor board, but I have chosen to load that container with these items: A Beam Splitter and an Armor Reinforcement for all classes. For Soldiers: Karakan Gauntlets and an Echani Foil. For Scouts: Calrissian's Belt and a Zabrak Blaster Pistol. For Scoundrels: Infiltrator Gloves and a Stealth Field Reinforcement mask. This is in addition to the new default clothing you have made.


    Comments? The first spawning of the container was funny, the orientation was backwards, so it could not open. I will work that out here shortly...


    EDIT: got the container up and working, and seems to spawn correctly, at least in my first playtest as a soldier I got the soldier goodies :)

  16. (ending of message below)


    Anyways, I am going to enter the coordinates and see some stuff in-game... I will try to send you a screen. I have my override still installed, so the Stalker still had the Tuscan hunchback animation in the dialog. Did Dak fix that? I think I remember that he did.


    Anyways, back to moddin'

  17. :D


    Well, I actually got my hands dirty and played through the Endar Spire just now! It was fun to play KotOR again, which is a good sign for my modding!!


    Anyways, I have coords for various things. I have decided that because of the flow of playthrough, I think it works best to only spawn one group of the duders... otherwise it is overkill, as there are enemies at nearly every turn in the two Endar Spire modules.


    I also have an idea for a computer console in the PC/Trask dormitory. That console could be used to implement whether people want to see the tutorials that Trask provides (because they are noobs) or they want your improved immersion, sans tutorial, approach. That is then accomplished by simply including the original dlg and the edited version, and from that point on either the original dlg will continue, or the edited will take over. Just a thought....

  18. RL is a bear to be sure, and it has monopolized my time mightily this year despite my sincerest intentions to be still. I have been hanging out here simply as some means of staying in touch with myself... if that makes any sense at all.


    We will have FFK1 to play with shortly, with a little bit-o-goodness added in to the Endar Spire. I have had fun adding to the experience and figuring out a little more in the scripting department. I think I am actually borderline competent now :lol:

  19. Well, I am modding around today, on a lazy Saturday, and realized that I had not seen u around in a bit!


    Hope you are well, wonder what you are up to these days, Grand Vizier?

  20. Ok, thanks for the item feedback... I think that will be a good place to get started, and then we can tweak after seeing it in-game.


    A rabid cat?!?!? Horrors, I have never had to go through the pain of rabies treatment. I know that when I was a youngster, it took a whole lot of syringe-loads straight to the gut :(


    Wow, in Turkey huh? That's pretty cool! What history.... of course, in Europe you have history everywhere to look at and think on. Here in the states, we have rusty billboards.

  21. Hey bud, my stuff will be done today, with the exception of thorough testing.


    I have made the container script so that we can add other class-specific items to the container if we please, as well as adding items regardless of class. I remember you not wanting to make it an uber-item locker, and I agree with that... My question is, what other stuff do we want to put in that container?


    If you can give me a little list of items, I can add them to the script. They can be, as mentioned, class-specific or general.


    Hope you aren't too busy this weekend! It should be enjoyed my brother!!


    By the way, you asked me how things are going on my end, and I simply hoped things are going well for you. A little rude on my part if you ask me :ugh: So, what's going on with you in RL?

  22. which .utc am I using to spawn in the assassins? I may need you to send me that .utc and the corresponding stuff so I can see 'em :) Realized just now why they weren't spawning... I have nothing for them to actually be when spawning in, in my overide. Pretty funny actually...

  23. Hey jonathan7! I am play-testing the new Endar Spire spawns today. If everything works out alright, I will send them to ya in a couple hours!

  24. Nope, not released yet, although we shared it with a few folks so they could see what we were doing... My girlfriend voiced the Stalker, and did quite a good job IMO. I think j7 will release FFK1 as soon as I get off my butt and send him the new scripts for the Endar Spire - adding a footlocker and spawning a few more baddies to fight. As for the other part of your mail, I have not installed yet; I just got home from the beach :D

  25. I need to send you an email, but I will do a brief response here... Yeah, I was a Czerka Guard in the lower levels in BoS:SR. Just a few lines, and not my best work, but I wasn't understanding s9's direction and as a result he wasn't getting what he wanted. I have more experience now, although I prefer directing the VO.... I got good results in that regard with my j7 collaboration on the Sith Stalker Endar Spire add-on for Force Fashion.... Have you seen that little mini-mod?

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