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  1. Invisibility problem solved.

  2. Looking at TSLPatcher today... I don't think anything we're trying to do will be too difficult. I had been concerned we would have to repackage the m01aa into a .MOD file, but that will not be necessary! I am working on the VO effects right now... by tomorrow evening I will have some VO samples for you!


    Currently, we will be adding to the GIT 3 character structs, a trigger and placeable struct, 6 VO files for m01aa streamwaves, 6 scripts, and the dialog itself. Should be a piece of cake, so I will try and handle the Patcher portion of my sub-project.

  3. hey.... try to compile that script again, following those steps I made for you... read EDIT 2 especially :) If it goes no where for you, I will have TSL installed in a few hours and I will compile it for you and send it.... I think I will need to send Litl Ridl a copy of it too, just in case he wants to update his mod.

  4. funny... got no PM?!? gonna check email for s***s and giggles... HAPPY FRIDAY :guiness:

  5. hey beady... look at the HK spawn question in Holowan if you can... tell me if I am out of my mind, or maybe on the right track :lol: I am afraid I know the answer is one way even if...

  6. Thanks for the New Years greetz, Milt!


    Glad to see you folding again! Our team is still climbing the ranks!


    Gonna snow possibly 6" (~19cm) here in Atlanta over the next couple days... wanna come ski the Dirty South? :p

  7. Yes SH, I have noticed that... which I thought made the nominations for the 2010 MOTY all the more awkward.... I shall have to ask DI about this :carms:

  8. Enjoying time off between jobs, playing with the new psmove controllers, just finished playing Jedi Academy (on PC) for the first time and loved it (GOD MODE was necessary).... I cheated a lot, as I found a very hard time competing in the swordplay. Then today, I decided to look at the laser of my mouse and found a giant dust bunny in there. Needless to say, my mouse is tracking much better, and I perhaps didn't need to cheat SO MUCH!!!!


    You deserve some rest! I am always watching the progress of your mod, although I will stay away from the Demo.... I am practicing patience, which helps me mod :) , and I want to see the finished project and play it for all its glory then!


    Now if I can only figure out the best way to accomplish this little goal, going for a small yet seamless ( :p ) integration to K1. Or, if I can only figure out the right questions to ask Holowan...... ;)

  9. Happy New Year, logan23! Whats happenin', bro?

  10. I am well logan23! Happy New Year to you!! I have been a little... busy actually... working on a lil side project for a friend here :)


    Good excuse to shake the rust off and do some work on some old projects of mine. I have great ideas on the shelf, with very little work done on them.... familiar amongst us wannabes like me!

  11. Thanks for the Holiday greeting on my visitor board! Best wishes to you and yours, and do NOT work too hard on Christmas. Hard enough will be just fine :)

  12. Just for the first time rambled through your blogosphere. I have this fantastic piece about Princess Buttercup and the the Seduction of Revan, which if you think worthy, i can haz made into a m0d better than KoTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    of course, that blog entry is almost two years old now...

  13. Hi Chi!!


    Haven't conversed with you in forever, hope you are doing well, hope you got over tslrp and got happy with tslrcm!


    Glad that you are folding... we need to get Milt back into the "fold"... I just passed him on the list!!


    Anyways, I always see your name on the list of folders, and I think back to when we first met on those old forums... I was pretty tough on you, and you took it like a champ. I really hope that you are winning more than you are losing, and always keeping your head up!

  14. Never figured out what sent you away, but glad to see you are back without harm.

    Hope you had a beer, or something better!

  15. Your poem was lost on many, but was a giddy little romp for me... Well done, noble Bard

  16. @DI: wow.... wow.... I get pointed out for pontificating on multiple occasions... lol

    I saw that Evil Q had been banned that day and was a little fired up, then guess who set me off? our favorite little lord...

  17. @Scar - It is the Reliant! No one has ever commented on my ridiculous avatar, a FoP Starship in a shipyard dry-dock. A friend sent it to me in an email maybe 10~12 yrs ago.

    Glad you enjoyed!

  18. Hey logan, just wanted to say that my timeframe comment in the RoR thread was not meant as a needling or a push, or a diss in anyway. Looking back, if you had not posted in response I would have zapped that line from my post - I think your progress is plenty fast enough, and that is enough for me. Just wanted to make sure you knew that!

  19. :lol: RE: LSJ, I was gonna ask for your help!!!!


    Really though, I always watch your progress, think you have a great team, and look forward to playing!

  20. logan23, i need your help! I'm gonna get Q to work on the twi-leks (he has a great start so far!), and i'll get stoffe and Achilles to script it, with DI working on skins and custom toys, s9 will write the whole story and all the dialogs, and you and Doc can put it all together! Having had the grand idea in the first place, I will take all the credit!!!!


    (see ya in the mod request forum :lol: )

  21. Yeah... I did it on purpose - over at the TG forums, and some of the folks here as well, have nothing nice to say when it comes to TSLRP.... so I decided to be the herald/target - because I can take it, and generally rebuff.


    That said, I am thinking about changing it... but it also provides good cover for what I am really up to ;)

  22. check out your question thread in the TSLPatcher thread... I think I have partially answered your question, although I am not 100% sure. I need to re-install K2 and get testing TSLRP - I got a new job last week that has kept me too busy to do anything at all gaming related, with the exception of the Jawa Shop thing... c ya!

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