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  1. ok i tried to download the emu did it and got to putting in te new ip address couldnt find it and then tried to play swg noramly screwed over the game completely! ive had to wait 18 more hours! anyway i didint like the way the emus sound no npc's but kyat dragons and its almost half a game. and in the emu how are you supposed to advance in the game if there are no lvls and wont everyone be the same wont pvp be harder?
  2. how long is the wait to the emu and will we have to pay seperate monthly fees? where can you download the emu from? and can anyone give me some advantages of the emu compared to the game today? and we will have to start the game again basicaly from lvl 5 or whaterver?
  3. will we be able to keep out old stats on the emu?
  4. ok i was reading that you can become an entertainer and dance for 6 days staright and get to lvl 90 and then switch proff? how does it work?
  6. also how does the leveling system work for pilots and how can you tell how much xp you need for the next pilot lvl
  7. ive started being a pilot and doing pilot missions i am asking that someone posts a giude for each of the fraction pilot trainers. this would hepl a lot of people especialy me! also for some reason when i go out to do pilot mssions i can kill tier 1 ships easy tier2 with a mild difficulty and tier 3-4 are very hard why is this and how do you advance. i do loads of duty missions and still i dont advance and i also find that i do a small amount of damage if not anything to tire 3 and above. i wne tpiloting with a high lvl pilot and it was easy to kill everything how would i get to this sage and how long will it take me?
  8. pieman888


    i do some space missions but i only get like 200 ground xp.
  9. pieman888


    now i am finaly lvl 48 and finnished legacy as many people im finding it very hard to find any suitable quests! and i realy dont want to do any grinding can anyone reccomend any.. all the quests i find are either lower lvl or too high! and i only get about 10k xp
  10. i think that going to kashyyk is good for people that have finnished legacy.
  11. thats weird can you recomend any good armour that will show up on trandos that has a good armour rating against energy weapons?
  12. you should not start off as a jedi! they ruin the whole concepts of the game
  13. today i bought a scout armour helmet i joined the inperial army so that i could equip it. i went to my inventory and equiped and then my stats go up but on my character the helmet does not appear!
  14. hey i use vista and i have none of these problems
  15. so weapon attachments have any use?
  16. i went and got a cybernetic arm and when i had it i could equip gloves i then removed my cybernetic arm a few days later my gloves stayed equiped!
  17. is there anyway to open the game in a minimised form. like in a small screen? but still be able to play obiously
  18. i just got my cybernetic arm installed looks cool but the special cant be used with a range weapon equiped .. is there anyway around this?
  19. i have vista and it worked perfect for me!
  20. if you have cybernetic arms can you still wear armour?
  21. do you have to be a trader to crate items? and if you can make items with any proffesion how would you go about doing it?
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