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  1. Probably, yeah, if I could afford them. My problem with slavery is that slaves tended to be treated inhumanely. As long as you treated your slaves like human beings, I don't think there's anything especially wrong with it.
  2. I believe the Bible was Divinely Inspired. Sort of the hallmark of a believer, that the Bible is more than just a book. You say it's wrong. The populace says it's horrific. So, basically...what the mob says, gos. From my perspective, the fact that the Bible doesn't condemn it doesn't surprise me in the slightest degree, given that it states that we're either the slaves of Satan or God, or, to quote Matthew, (International Standard Version. The other translations are pretty much the same.) We bear a yoke no matter what.
  3. Right. I should let another...human teach me my ethics. Riiight. Yeah, tell me how that makes sense? Also, I wouldn't say the Entire World condemns slavery. We didn't exactly have it for the better part of six thousand years because it was universally condemned.
  4. Oh, good. Now it's the "Paul was a False Apostle" argument. I take it you do not believe the Bible is actually Divinely Inspired?
  5. Such as? The old laws got set aside after the Coming of Christ. People like to point that out in these debates, although usually, it's not the 'Hey, Homosexuality isn't A-OK with the Bible' crowd, it's the opposition. People like to ignore Corinthians and Romans for some reason. Also, maybe you shouldn't claim to be a Christian if you blatantly ignore sections of even the New Testament?
  6. Crap. And that would have been comic gold, too.
  7. Besides, Revan has already shown some vulnerability to brainwashing. All he'd need is sixty seconds alone with Revan and he could persuade Revan that he didn't even exist.
  8. The fact that he's a hard left partisan doesn't bother me a bit, but the fact that he's wanted by the IRS for not paying his taxes is hilarious. I find myself reminded of Al Capone. I wonder if this will be the first time in a Presidency that the Chief of Staff does his work from prison.
  9. Kirk has a massive advantage over Revan - we know when and how Kirk dies, and Revan isn't involved, so Revan can't kill Kirk.
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