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  1. Am I saying something that is not comprehendable?

  2. Good.


    It is really sad what is happening...America really will be changed, and from what I think...it isn't gonna be good...

  3. who were you wanting to be president?

  4. Sorry, Alkonium, I'm pretty busy at the moment.

  5. Interested at all in joining my new RP The Sith Resurrection Part V?

  6. So, going to post in Heroes of Nentir Vale any time soon?

  7. I posted the second part of the prologue in the CEC. Enjoy, mon ami! :)

  8. Would you mind if I added another section to the Prologue that delves further into Yeru and her mindset before your "PC character" shows up?

  9. Yeah, I've just got a lot of stuff on my plate right now. Working up some dossiers when I get the opportunity.

  10. Hey--did you get my PM's yet? :)

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