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  1. nevermind, the problem fixed itself. thanks though
  2. hey, i was just wondering if someone could send me the base silver lightsaber blade files? mine was messed up when i was attempting to create a black lightsaber
  3. hands down: Jimi Hendrix - Bold as Love http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9VBNv-22ps then some blind melon - no rain after that some Bob Dylan - It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZ8UqstzNlU thats all i need
  4. Lacrosse! if anyone else even knows what it is, its the old native american war game - think as fast as soccer (football), hitting like hockey, basketball-like plays and movement. just pure awesome.
  5. nope back in 06 i tried both WoW and everquest, didnt like either. not a big enough hook (story wise) to help draw the mind into it, and it took waaaaaaaay to long to level up even a little bit
  6. i saw on PCGM *single tear* a long time ago and i used to have it, but i recently had to reinstall my game.
  7. hi, does anyone know where i can find avol's darth vader model, as well as scimanos quinlan vos head and armor?
  8. thanks rotnr ill think ill give it a try. ive been playing kotor too long to not know how to mod!
  9. hey i was wondering if anyone would be able to edit the silver lightsaber blade to resemble the black saber in teh force unleashed. heres a few pics: http://gamesblog.ugo.com/index.php/gamesblog/more/first_pics_of_the_black_lightsaber_in_the_force_unleashed/
  10. thanx, i think ill have to practice more with KAurora editor
  11. i was recently on k2files, and i noticed that 2 NEW modules were created. How was it done? I was pretty certain that it was nearly impossible. does anybody know how it was done?
  12. im from Philadelphia, pennslyvania, the place with the liberty bell.
  13. it didn't work... i still cant uninstall it or re-install it. heres the message it keeps displaying for the error report: Error Code: -5009 : 0x80041f42 Error Information: *C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Professional\RunTime\10\50\Intel32\iscript.dll >inc\CoCreate.cpp (41) >Ctor\IScriptWrapper.cpp (24) >Ctor\ObjectWrapper.cpp (163) >Ctor\ObjectWrapper.cpp (391) >Kernel\Component.cpp (1161) >Kernel\CABFile.cpp (384) >SetupDLL\SetupDLL.cpp (1708) PAPP:Star Wars® Knights of the Old Republic® II: The Sith Lords PVENDOR:LucasArts (http://www.lucasarts.com) PGUID:629F65FB-7F3C-4D66-A1C0-20722744B7B6 $ @Windows XP Service Pack 2 (2600) IE 7.0.6000.16574
  14. Hi, my TSL is screwed up and i dont know whats wrong with it. So, i figured i would jus un-install it and well...I cant. this is the error report it keeps giving me: Error Information: *C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Professional\RunTime\10\50\Int el32\iscript.dll >inc\CoCreate.cpp (41) >Ctor\IScriptWrapper.cpp (24) >Ctor\ObjectWrapper.cpp (163) >Ctor\ObjectWrapper.cpp (391) >Kernel\Component.cpp (1161) >Kernel\CABFile.cpp (384) >SetupDLL\SetupDLL.cpp (1708) PAPP:Star Wars® Knights of the Old Republic® II: The Sith Lords PVENDOR:LucasArts (LucasArts.com | Welcome to LucasArts.com) PGUID:629F65FB-7F3C-4D66-A1C0-20722744B7B6 $ @Windows XP Service Pack 2 (2600) IE 7.0.6000.16574
  15. anyone know where i can find a list of all of the modules in K1?
  16. I just started a new game for the heck of it, but whenever i get to the part when i first see calo nord (the cutscene) my game freezes. So im wondering, if its mod related or what? Also when i try to skip taris using Lit Ridl 's superskip taris mod, when i get to dantooine i have no partymembers...which presents a problem.
  17. I got it down to 10, and thats the best i can do. 1. jimi hendrix 2. bob marley 3. the beatles 4. Sublime 5. the Who 6. The rolling stones 7. O.A.R 8. dispatch 9. frank sinatra 10. miles davis
  18. i dont know about a KOTOR mmo. personally i hate mmo's with a burning passion, but perhaps they could make like diablo 2. with both a sp mode and a multiplayer mode
  19. i could try to get permission ill be back with some sort of results Edit: well, i just got Kah's permission to use his hoods. now for kitty kitty...
  20. i was using shem's darth revan's robes and i noticed a clipping problem. so, to fix it i just downloaded the Kha's hood mod. it worked! But since i usually play the light side i wear the star forge robes (which uses the same model as Darth revans robes) and i was wonder ing if anyone could make a recolor of the hoods to match the star forge robes, but use the same textures as the ones kitty kitty used to make her reskin?
  21. i know its out there, but i cant find it. Does anyone know where i can find the EZ swoop racing mod for K1?
  22. שָׁלוֹם אָח thats hebrew for "Hello and welcome Bro!" have a helluva time here
  23. Does anyone know where i can find a good skin/model of batman?
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