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  1. Whats your favorite Band/singer? mine are: 1) Jimi Hendrix 2) Bob Marley 3) Frank Sinatra 4) Sublime
  2. to be honest, i actually hate mmo's. i tried a few (everquest, WoW). i hated them both immensley. Oh well, maybe it will be like Diablo II and let you do both.
  3. hopfully someone will take my request. im nowhere near good enough to make it, lol.
  4. would it be possible for someone to make the ralph mcquarrie verson of luke? really, all you would need to do would be to reskin the gas mask, and possibly the miners outfit. well anyhoo here's a pic: http://www.blister.jp/images-item-big/ref1-6212.jpg
  5. there was a reason he was called the headmaster...
  6. yea, but someone's gotta have it. just b/c theres no more PCGM's doesnt mean nobody's got it. Last Ninja has a pic of it in this thread. I believe its #20
  7. didnt scimanos make a quinlan head?
  8. He He He, what kind of connections might you be talking about...
  9. i dont know deceptikain, that seems much harder than just modding a hood. It is a good idea though
  10. that is pretty good. The Last Ninja, could you perhaps modify the hood to make it look like dredlocks? And could someone e-mail me the quinlan vos head?
  11. well, the e-mail didnt go through. i dont think that it is a valid account. So, to get back to the original question, would anyone like to make Vos's rasta hair out of a hood?
  12. thats a great idea, if this was made i would download it for sure
  13. that would be fenominal baboyjhg. do you think you could pm it to me when you get a chance? Edit: well, the e-mail is away... i hope this works. thanx for the e-mail address baboyjhg.
  14. thanx baboyjhg. do you think i could post it if i gave all credit to sciamanos?
  15. ya, but the problem is i dont know who the original author is
  16. do you think i could put it onto filefront, and just say that its not mine?
  17. i found it, but i dont know how to PM files. could you just send me your e-mail? then i could send it to you
  18. im pretty sure i have the armor somwhere, i could give it to you if you want. i just have to find it first.
  19. honestly, i cant wait for Indy 4, no matter how cheesey the title is
  20. i was wondering if anyione would want to make a quinlan vos head. you know, with the dreadlocks and all.
  21. does anyone know if its possible to get the kyle model from the dark forces mod?
  22. im having the exact same problem with all the characters. but sometimes the sound will come back, but only for 1 line. other times i wont have sound, but it doesn't skip the dialogue.
  23. in TSL, for some reason whenever i talk to any of the party characters it just skips over their dialouge without me doing anything.
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