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  1. i sent him a mail about it asking for the mod. He actually replied me, saying it will be available to download this friday, the 8th of februari. Lets see what happens
  2. thanks for the reply gothic. What exactly does the Japlus mod do? And also, will it still allow me to play on the non modded servers? I do want to have a big offer of servers for the game, so if this mod is the option then ill gladly install it.
  3. ok, so i just bought Jedi Acadamy off ebay. I found some official patch, version 1.01 and patched the game. I tried to go online, but i can't get on. Its saying server is using protocol 25, whatever that means. Any solutions for this problem? Thanks for any help
  4. ok thanks for the info vader. Going on a few servers i noticed the message that they are using some version of Jedi mod. Is that something i need as well?
  5. i would also like to know how the servers work. For example. Can i set up my own server so me and my buddy can fight some duels on there? I see the option of create server in the game. Does it work the same like creating rooms in other games? In that case i could set up a server, password protect it and play with my friends just to get some extra practice.
  6. Is acadamy better with regards to blocking? On outcast mp duels most ppl use the red stance and hack away. (well thats what i do anyway ) I find it hard to block their attacks. On most duels i see ppl jumping, rolling, summersaulting and basically avoiding each other. It would be so much better if you could just stay on the ground and block each others attack, making for a more realistic fight. And jedi, what do you mean with the right configuration on a duel server?
  7. well, i did as you said and its getting a little better...just a little though. i played a lot of ffa today. was challanged to a couple of duels and even managed to win 2 of them. great feeling. on the other hand i still get owned, but man what an experience. i'm surprised that there are still so many people online so many years after the game coming out. Whats your opinion about jedi acadamy? is the online experience as good as outcast, or better perhaps? i read that there are dual sabres too.
  8. thanks for all the help jedi. everything works smoothly. now all i have to do is not get killed. sofar ive lost ALL my duels. havent even come close to hitting somebody..lol i need more than the force
  9. btw..how do i chat while playing online? somebody asked me if i'm from Holland yesterday and i couldnt reply to him
  10. well, it worked like a charm. i played a few duals online.....and got owned bigtime. lost all 4 of them never had a chance i guess thats the way its supposed to be. all i need now is catch up on the 6 years ive lost. thanks again for your help. btw...seems i need to download some multiplayer maps since i could not enter some of the servers because of this. any suggestions of frequently used maps?
  11. Ok thanks a lot for the info. I have seen the patch around somewhere and will give it a go. I do need a lot of force, and if that doesnt work ill be back with more questions.
  12. i plan to play on other servers. Wouldnt even know how to create my own. I read a lot about patches and mods. And how certain patches do not allow you to play on certain servers. For the moment all i have i just the game. I tried multiplayer yesterday but it did not find any servers. To be honest i didnt try for very long, so ill have to try again later. I just want to make certain i have all the necessary files before trying the online experience.
  13. Hello everyone, Today i bought Jedi Outcast. Ok, i'm a bit late, 6 years after the release, so what I really want to get into online fighting. ill probably be owned for a long time but thats not a problem. I could not find a total newbie tutorial on here. (if there is on im sorry for not looking well enough) I would really appreciate all the help you can give me. What additional files do i need? which servers are best to play on. is it still being played online at all? how do i set up my game. Ive read around the net and see a lot of updates/patches, but am not sure which one to use. So, here's a 38 yr old dutch guy in need of some help. I would love to sabrefight some jedi's after the kids have gone to bed.
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