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  1. I dont know how he did it. He probably used fraps or something like that, to record the scenes in the game. If you listen good, you can hear the tones aren't really good. I mean like luke is talking slow at one moment and other moment he speaks fast. So, I think, he did copy some parts of sentences which luke, kyle or whatever who said. And pasted him in the scenes
  2. Are you sure the ports arent the same ? And you opened the ports of the server in ur router?
  3. In setup, game options or something
  4. Did you install the latest drivers?
  5. Well im no skinner, but i am sure its possible.
  6. If you would be a bit skilled with teleport and grapple you wont need a cordinate.. just /bind f amtele lol lol (if you are called lol) Go behind the ship and keep pressing the button untill u get through the wall. Then you should see the platform in the air.. grapple to it and teleport urself through the 'invisible' wall.. which makes u enter the area.
  7. Turn: sv_allowdownload 0 (off) so they can't download the server.cfg Its a bug which is still used lately. If its on people can download ur server.cfg.. But if you don't want to do that, u have to rename the server.cfg to something else (and change the settings for the launch of it) Gl.
  8. Maybe its smart to turn sv_allowdownload off too, so they cant download ur server.cfg (its a bug..) and get the rcon password.
  9. I would also buy it .. Another JK game would be good.. JKA and JKO are a dying out a little bit. I wonder what the specs are, because JKA and JKO never had such high requirements.
  10. I agree with that, Jedi Academy is way better. There are better maps and mods released for it too..
  11. Wow a nice video (puts in favorites).. I always hated him
  12. Could be a driver issue, but try this also in the console: /com_maxfps 300
  13. Which mod do you use, and do you have the 1.1 patch installed?
  14. I think he asked # and not R .. but okay .. so if u want # : /bind # npc spawn rancor
  15. If its not supported I dont think you are able to play it on vista..
  16. Same, I'm an admin too, I never abused. In some servers they just give admin to the wrong persons.
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