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  1. I dont know how he did it.

    He probably used fraps or something like that, to record the scenes in the game.

    If you listen good, you can hear the tones aren't really good. I mean like luke is talking slow at one moment and other moment he speaks fast.

    So, I think, he did copy some parts of sentences which luke, kyle or whatever who said. And pasted him in the scenes

  2. Hey guys,


    I have a problem. I have got a "Lord Revan MP model" but I wanna play with this in Single Player game, but I can't do this things with editors.. :(


    The request is that :




    This is the Revan .pk3 file, if anyone can help me, please, download this, and convert this to single player for character choose, and upload for me here. very big thanks if anyone can help for me! :)


    [sorry for my bad english.]


    Well im no skinner, but i am sure its possible.

  3. :D , yet i knew them all accept for the sky council.

    I've polled a bit around on other forums, they said it had to do with coordinates.

    But what are the coordinates??


    Thanks any way guys :D

    If you would be a bit skilled with teleport and grapple you wont need a cordinate.. just /bind f amtele lol lol (if you are called lol)

    Go behind the ship and keep pressing the button untill u get through the wall.

    Then you should see the platform in the air.. grapple to it and teleport urself through the 'invisible' wall.. which makes u enter the area.

  4. Just wondering, is it possible to fake a ping? The hoster always has a zero ping, so the players which break rules/crash servers.. always has the upper hand.

    Maybe its smart to turn sv_allowdownload off too, so they cant download ur server.cfg (its a bug..) and get the rcon password.

  5. Well Jedi Outcast is good, but Jedi Academy is better, its like its closer to the starwars world, with right configuration on a duel server, the game is perfect.

    I do have my own Jedi Academy Duel Server, but i havnt played for kind of some time now, but its still runing.

    You should try to duel vs Professionel Staffsaber players, its pure fun, they stress you so much, you dont know what to do and where to run and hide. :p

    It then i normally think "May the force be with me, but the force is with him"

    May the force be with you.

    I agree with that, Jedi Academy is way better.

    There are better maps and mods released for it too..

  6. hello!! many people come to my server and crash/lag it , i have done flood protect 1 but they can still lag it allot.


    I was wondering if there was any commands that you could put in the server.cfg to prevent some of these attacks, also, is it possible to make server create a log of peoples IP and activity so i can see who is crashing it and ban them? any help would really would be helpful!


    Which mod do you use, and do you have the 1.1 patch installed?

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