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  1. Name: Avenger Colors:black with red vizor and blood on the armor Gun:Sniper Animated:No
  2. enter here any photos u want
  3. i just throw some sonic grenades and shoot some anti armor and ........
  4. i am completly with your decision PREDATOR WIN
  5. commando are better! arc troopers suck(the suck 100000000 times)
  6. are you guys stupid,or what? sev si the best! do not make me kill you by saying other name
  7. when i had to destroy the jaming device.Geos came from evrywere they were unlimited and the control panel was too far.And the demo charge 20 seconds. frst I set 2 sniping positions then I send the remaining commando to slice the controls to the jaming device.,,form up'' then I put a demo charge.,,take cover'' and escape behid the jaming device. RAS camping mision alone:that stupid trando elite.I toss a flashbang grenade then all sonic grenades and all charges in the AA .be fast or be dead.if he gets up he will drill you. the rest ar allready posted
  8. I see that the boot camp has not been updated. When it wil be updated? when will it be completed? Enybody know's?
  9. I want only if they are like : infinite ammo , change player , behindeview in single player.
  10. If you will update it. It will be perfect.
  11. you are right! in the game turets die with 1 shot scoped and 2/3 shots non-scoped
  12. I heard about it,and i hope it isn't a fool!
  13. If a comando fight a predator who would win and why?
  14. One for me,plese -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- my commando: name:RC-matrix color:blue&green legs black&red body helmet like scar and phoenix gun:acidic sniper atach if you can not animate then don't red vizor,and if you can:-sniper pack on shoulder -blood on the armor -blaster pack on leg Thanks the next symbol on the chest(if you can): http://www1.theforce.net/jc/icons/expandeduniverse/boss%202%20-%20republic%20commando.gif
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