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  1. Wohoo, I got it! After a thousand tries, a have destroyed the Monitor, before its hiperjump. I have transfered all energy into the engines after the jump, and targeted Container Transport, after my laser batteries dried out, I flew towards the Monitor, so the Gunboats didn't targeted me. I have shot its engines out with my lasers, and at a close distance with my rockets. After that, the Monitor was a dead ship.
  2. There is an area on the SSD wher it doesn't have defensive guns, it's on its lower side, near to the conk, if you manage to destroy the shiel generators (they have heavy defences but it shoot only in 0.5 km, so you can turn back), you can wit there in the space, and shoot constanly, also recharging, your shields an your lasers at max level. Because of the engines of the SSD your speed must be between of 9 an 12 (not %). And you have to manoeuvre somtimes when the SSD starts to turn (after a few seconds it stops), to avoid collosion. I have destroyed it once but it took two hours.
  3. But B-wings are slow when I tarnsfer all energy to the engines, and I fight with the frigate, I never had enought time to disable or destroy it. Also how can you fight with the frigate, when you not quick enough to avoid its fire? It shallowed my shield in seconds.
  4. Man I have tried everything, but I can't give any command to my wingman, the wingman order menu, even don't come up, when want (I know the hotkeys). I have read the TacOp, but it says make your wingman, to do this, and this. But how, if you can't give any order? They go to the Corrupter, then it shots them down, just like ducks in autumn. And they shot all of their torpedoes in the first area, so they have nothing in the second.
  5. Hail! I need help! In BATTLE 1: Clearing the Way - Mission 6: Stop Resupply of ISD Corrupter after the hiper spacejump, I managed to kill the 100% of the convoy, exept from the biggest ship which had escaped, (put it is not part of the mission to destroy the monitor). Okay, I jump again , and the only tsk is to destroy the shuttles when they try to reach the Corrupter, but when a rebel commander says "Shuttles coming from the Monitor stop them." 20 Tie-s attack me, and I can't kill all of them, I have killed 10, (on one ocassion I could kill all of them, but then I have exploded, but nothin was near to me, so so just "the space" killed me?) While I fight the Tie-s the shuttles reach the Corrupter, so if sombody is a half-god, and can kill all of them, even he or she, could reach the shuttles. Because a whole squadron of interceptors are protecting them, and you can't kill the first Tie-s in a minute, also the B-wing is slow, so you have to shut down the laser recharge or the shield if you manage to catch them. My question is, how could you do this mission?
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