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  1. With all of this good news I feel like I need to share. My little boy just started preschool and I just found out that I have another rugrat hellraiser due in march.
  2. I agree that video games, music, and T.V are not to blame. These things are merely an expressive outlet for our violent sides (don't act like you don't have a violent side).
  3. The right to bare arms is one of our rights as americans, it does not matter how accessible guns are if the wrong people want them they will find them. Some people are just screwed up and believe that killing themselves or others will solve their problems.
  4. How about Norris and Bruce Lee vs. Bond and Bourne, now thats a movie to see!! (I know that Bruce Lee is dead but I still think he could kick a**)
  5. I thought that they recreated lightsaber fighting very well in ROTS for PS2 I hope to see that same kind of gameplay in this one. I can't wait!!!
  6. Bourne would take bond to the cleaners. Bond would have to stop and straighten his tie or something and Bourne would end the fight very quickly with a roundhouse to the temple.
  7. Bridge to terabithia, I have no idea how to spell it, anyways when the girl in that movie dies it was pretty bad.
  8. dubbing does make it easier to watch the action taking place but most of the english versions change the story to make it more kid friendly. I prefer subs because there is no change to the story, but if you prefer dubbed thats your opinion.
  9. Thanks Reclaimer, I watching naurto on you tube but I guess they banned posting the episodes on there.
  10. I am just starting to really get into anime, so far I really like naurto and the devil may cry series. If only I could find more episodes of naurto I've seen all the way to episode 31 and its hard for me to find them that are subbed in english.
  11. I have seen plenty of lightsaber action in clips off of the website, not as much as I would like but using the force is what the game is centered on after all.
  12. Out of that list I would have to go with vader just because Maul was not on it.
  13. the old games were fun in their time but the new ones just look so much better!
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