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  1. Hmm. Well thanks for the advice Anyone else have anything to add?
  2. You didn't answer if traders are actually viable to play as a main character though. Am I going to be able to make a decent amount of credits doing it, or will it be an exercise in futility?
  3. I used to play Pre-CU so it's been a LONG time. Seeing as I'm getting bored of all the games I'm playing, not to mention hearing good stuff about the game through patches I figured it was worth a look. Back then I played a crafter. Specifically a weaponsmith/armorsmith though I did have a smuggler to slice as well. First off, is crafting as my main profession still viable? Also, is there anything like slicing in NGE? I have heard no, but that they are considering putting it back in. Lastly, what would you recommend for a combat class, since we are allowed more than 1 character now? I do not care if it is melee or ranged combat, I just do not want to focus on space combat, that is all.
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