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  1. This is lovely. Great talent on display.
  2. Reading the Steam and GOG forums last night was a mistake, but I see your post and appreciate/echo/toast it.
  3. I've always wanted to try these, but feel iffy about giving money to Activision. Thanks for the link!
  4. Ugh, voted for the wrong one. "Absurd Monkey Island speculation originates from ambiguous Facebook remark, we spread it" gets my vote, instead of "Oh Guybrush, that IS the second biggest monkey head I've ever seen".
  5. So, let's revive this thread. I recently finished reading the first five A Song of Ice and Fire books. I'm looking forward to reading the sixth, whenever it comes out. You may have seen the first season of the HBO adaptation, Game of Thrones. While that's good, it loses so much of what makes the books so great. The small character moments, the backstory (which is just as good as the current plot), all the secondary characters you get to grow attached to. The series is a large, sprawling story about a political struggle in a fantasy kingdom - but don't let that put you off. I'm
  6. Very strong series. Some problems aside ("Let's Kill Hitler"), it was very enjoyable! Matt Smith is dazzling.
  7. Let's Kill Hitler was abysmal on first viewing, but became quite good on second. Overall, this last two-parter was Steven Moffat's weakest, but I still think that was a very good episode. Well, "Who is River Song?" was never particularly interesting. "What is River Song?" was always more involving, and we're only beginning to see that. I know what you mean, but I think I'm seeing this from a different point of view than you are. My main problem is that it's so into the idea of throwing questions and not willing to give out answers in any way that pays off. It's too bu
  8. Hah, did anyone catch the John Travolta cameo? Selling Travolta cars? I thought it was funny. Though, I have to say, that puzzle with the duck and the tuning fork was the single most convoluted thing I've ever seen - this coming from a MI2 veteran with a hatred for that monkey wrench puzzle. Bless the internet and its many walkthroughs for getting me out of it.
  9. Some of his music is nice, but a lot of it is too damn *loud*. "School Reunion" and "The Rebel Flesh" both had moments where I actually wanted to yell at him.
  10. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) It feels unfair that you criticize an episode because it didn't deliver on what you speculated would happen, Chris. Screw the Cybermen, Daleks, Silurians and any other classic monster who is just coming back for ****s and giggles. Doctor Who is good when it's exploring new ideas, new settings (Napoelonic Wars with lasers) or new monsters (Headless Monks). I kind of exempt the Silurian from that last episode, though, because she was used well and in an interesting way, and the same applies to the Sontaran nurse. Anyways, th
  11. Mm. At least I'll finally play Ultima Underworld.
  12. Did anyone else think that episode was unbelievably *dark*, though? I actually had to play some Super Mario on my old SNES to be able to sleep, since I saw it late at night. Series 6 has been really good. It's cranked out five great episodes out of a total of six aired. I hope the second part lives up to the first. I guess The Tingler might disagree with me, but I do think it's been the strongest series New Who's done this far. I've been watching Tom Baker's first series and getting the same vibe, the idea that I'm watching a new standard for the show in the making.
  13. Did anyone else think that episode was unbelievably *dark*, though? I actually had to play some Super Mario on my old SNES to be able to sleep, since I saw it late at night. Series 6 has been really good. It's cranked out five great episodes out of a total of six aired. I hope the second part lives up to the first.
  14. "The Almost People" was so exciting.
  15. It's really not that hard to guess *how* he knows The Flesh. They're not an old enemy, I'll put it that way. Major hints throughout the episode. I personally really, really liked it. It was exciting. And funny. And weird and new and interesting. Much prefer this to cheap, hollow knock-offs like "The Hungry Earth" or "Victory of the Daleks". There's a good cast and good writing. It's all up to part two, though. Also, I have a relatively strong theory about Amy's on/off pregnancy. I'll tell you, just no-one write anything from trailers and future synopses to confirm or deny.
  16. I usually ignore LucasArts at E3, but they *did* have two interesting years in a row so maybe 2011 will continue that trend. Re-release of classic games on Steam or something.
  17. Thanks Chris! Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) The control room had to be what it was because it was the set they had. That was *not* a cheap episode. Personally, I enjoyed the little throwback to Nine and Ten. Also, for once, we see the TARDIS interior in New Who. It looked fine to me, though I will say this: RIP swimming pool.
  18. "The Curse of the Black Spot": enjoyable, solid, nothing special. "The Doctor's Wife": incredible. ARGHHH so good. And on my birthday. Real special, this one.
  19. The new cover is also much better than the crappy one with the map, though nothing beats the 1987 edition with the skull pirate
  20. I finished up Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse around a week ago. It's Telltale's best game, and probably ranks up there with some of the LucasArts ones. It's better than Hit the Road. It had some creaky moments, sure, but I generally thought it was great. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Favorite bit: trying to find-out who the Clone Master is, introducing who it is through some gameplay, and the utter insanity of that character. Least favorite: bringing back unnecessary characters from Seasons One and Two. **** that ****. Horribly und
  21. I thought the episode was superb. Easily the best I've seen in Doctor Who - classic *and* new. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) - The scene with Amy in that room was one of the scariest things I've seen, topping even "Blink". - The Silence/Silents are freaky. I mean, cheesy too. But freaky. - That was a very complex story, very character-driven, and with a brilliant resolution. - I love it when Moffat pulls rugs from underneath people. The way this episode started got my eyes popping. - Some hilarious lines in there. -
  22. I thought the episode was really great, though the Some terrifically funny lines in there. . Also, to me, Matt Smith is the best portrayal of the Doctor I've seen. It's amazing how he looks both old and young, energetic but tired, dark and foreboding, yet happy and excited. Also, annoyed. He IS The Doctor. (Even Colin Baker thinks he's "incomparable".) Like MeddlingMonk said, I'll have to see the next episode for a final verdict, but right now it is looking like it's one of the best episodes to date. Let's see how it holds up with the rest of the episode (episodeS? It feels li
  23. So...new series. What did everyone think of the first episode? (Minor request? Anything that hasn't already aired in episodes - anything you see in trailers and whatnot - please put in spoiler tags? I avoid trailers for a reason! )
  24. I read The Fellowship of the Ring. I loved it, and I don't know why it took me so long. I'm currently reading A Confederacy of Dunces; again, loving it, and again, it's taking its time. I'm not sure why. One day I'll read 100 pages, and then it'll take me a month to get through 40. Anyways, I really want to read A Clash of Kings next. I'm a really big fan of the first book, and with my holidays on the horizon (yeah, still on first term in this part of the world), I'll hopefully get a bit of reading done. 140 books won't read themselves! This happened. I'm trying to think of r
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