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  1. WOW! This became more of a heated disscussion then I thought it would. Though I will point out that you all drifted away from the topic. It was a good argument but know you are all just talking about how what and why Sidious did what he did in Eps. 3. This is SUPPOSED to be about the winner of a duel between Revan and Sidious so I would appreciate it if you stayed on topic. Though that was a good argument none the less
  2. What is g-cannon? and revan is more than a sith lord remember? also, who ever said the battle had to be in a head-2-head confrontation? it mightve been it might notve been im leaving the details of this fight to the imagination of everyon who veiws this.
  3. I was thinking about Jedi/Sith battles I'd like to see and this one popped into my head. I personally think it would be Revan though one of my reasons could be because i'm a fanboy. Tell me what you think. Also I don't know if "Draw was the right word but I mean Stalemate if you didnt figure that out.
  4. No, as the jedi masters said, the exile always formed bonds easily but maybe kreia just allowed it to be made. also my opinion is that, as kreia said, when they fight their minds are prepared and sheiled from all that. Also visas didnt die when you killed her master so it could be like that.
  5. Well Revan is "officially" a male as stated by George Lucas, they just gave the female players a chance to play as their own gender and the exile has so many different avalable looks it would be hard to voice your opinion on which head you specifically liked.
  6. I'm just lookin foreward to the game (and powers that come with it) itself. from the trailer and description it looks like the powers it gives you are enough. Know what I mean
  7. When I say "hot" I mean in looks. Not depth or personality. If any of the girls were real I wouldnt go for the best looking. Im not like that I would go for the one with the best personallity that is close to me. plus the fact that i myself and a teen I would go for Mission. I was just askin who did you think looked the best. Also you are getting way to litteral with all the digital pixles stuff. I know thats what they are I was just wonderin,if they were real, who you thought looked the best. OK? No, you know I meant hot in looks(Smart a**)
  8. 1. Mission wasnt one of the choices. 2.Shes a teenager so I hope you are one two or- 3. I hope your kidding.
  9. Wow. Your right Revans pretty much screwed at a head to head confrontation..........................................But with Revan being the master stratagist he is I still think he'd win as said above he would think to destroy the ship or figure out another way to win. REVAN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. well, bond or no bond, nihilus couldnt control his power so what was stopping him from draining visas? also with mandalore, if u look around the bridge to where you fight him, go to the edge and youll see his DRAINED NON-FORCE SENSITIVE crew! Explain that!
  11. I dont know if this thread has already been made. if it has i appologize. but could someone please give me an influence guide to the ebon hawk crew in TSL plz? i would appreciate it greatly.
  12. REVAN ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!! Revan would wipe the floor with Nihilus, regardless of his ability to drain. notice how visas was never affected aboared his ship? so why wouldnt a more powerful sith/jedi be unaffected? Hmmmmmm? Case closed!
  13. Could Someone please explain this whole arragement to me? i followed a link on another post to here and from what i read this sounds interesting. explain what its about and how i join/get picked please.
  14. I was a Double blade weildin, master force speed/flurry usin, jal-shy neophite wearin Jedi setinal/master.
  15. Yea I have the PC version, My freind has the x-box there are a few differences. Oh And did you know your signiture is wrong? Its the CODE of the Sith not OATH just so you know.
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