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  1. I thought I remember hearing about Manaan being in the game... I'd assume there would be some Selkath if it is.
  2. So a map editor would be satisfactory for a game like TFU? High ambitions there. I don't know, an action game like this just needs more modding capability than a basic map editor, and what would you do with it? MP would be cool, but I don't think it's in. Create new SP levels? Well, there's one positive about this whole thing, if they pulled it off. Of course my described scenario won't be a factor whether tools actually do get released or not, I was just curious which games under similar circumstances actually did receive tools/support for modding.
  3. Well, I can't really say I see this happening in TOR, at least not at launch (hence you calling it a wish), but yeah, that would be awesome.
  4. There are plenty of good ports that never got mod tools. Mass Effect comes to mind. I guess they could later, but doesn't seem likely. Maybe they just wanted to be be nice by bringing it over to the PC? They don't need the money, I guess, right? I'm not confusing anything. These companies are out here to make cash. There's no obligation to release tools, nor should they be expected. If they do, cool, if they don't, oh well. In this situation, AFAIK, none of the engines/systems were developed by LA, so you're latter description fits more appropriately, I think. This discussion has interested me though. If someone could provide me an example of a popular console game (or any game, I guess), ported to the PC at a much later date, and AFTER the port, received modding toolkits (and not just some lame map editor), I would like to know what games these were. I'm sure it's been done, but I would like to know by who/for what games. LA...anyone.
  5. I love the Simpsons as a series overall, but the original first few seasons will always be the best. I watch it if I catch it on, but it's not the same as it used to be. Futurama is coming back in 2010 on Comedy Central with new episodes.
  6. So like...player/guild housing, just in space? Awesome.
  7. I'm aware that people want to play it on PC that wouldn't/can't on a console. Welcome to the Internet, where not everyone's statements mean 100% what you might think. TFU isn't some FPS they're gonna release a map editor for. Since you've obviously proved me wrong, perhaps you can explain how easy it will be to release a modding toolkit for a game that is using 3 different engines rolled into 1 that's simple for modders to use?
  8. No, the History Channel used to be hardcore World War II/Hitler almost 24/7. I find that historical time period very interesting, probably my favorite, but it was ridiculous how much time they were spending on one event/guy.
  9. Is it really necessary to have 2 different starting Jedi classes? Seems kinda pointless, and I thought each class was supposed to have a different story, experience, etc.? Not sure how a second one would be unique. I guess they could find a way to twist a second Jedi class into another story, just seems unnecessary to me.
  10. Tolerate? There's a difference between tolerating and actually being ABLE to do modding to a game. If they don't release some kind of tools, or the file system is not easily accessible/editable/whatever, how are you going to mod the game? They're just porting this game to suck another $50 from you all who have already paid for it once already, the last thing they care about is if you can mod it or not.
  11. Why would this game be moddable just because another game is? It's just gonna be another lame PC port anyway...
  12. Well, it seems kinda likely there would be more than just one generic Jedi/Sith class. KotOR had the different classes, and K2 with the prestige classes added on top. They need some way to make all the Jedi/Sith that will be running around at least semi-unique. Good catch, though.
  13. Yep, already read it earlier. Mostly filled with "We can't talk about that quite yet", or "We'll reveal that at a later time".
  14. It includes the normal/original game. I don't know if they've talked about Steam yet, but I would imagine you could get it in stores.
  15. , my thoughts exactly. Speaking of gameplay footage, when we gonna see some more? I gotta wait 5-6 weeks for more of what everyone really cares about? Shouldn't they at least be releasing info about another planet or something?
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