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  1. Haha that's pretty cool!

  2. Concept art for a darkside Obi-Wan from the cancelled Starwars Battlefront 3 Game.


  3. Hey who's your avatars image character?

  4. Yes sir I will send a download link to your PM box. I have to make a few changes and it'll be on it's way.

  5. Hey VarsityPuppet how are you?

    I was wondering if you could send me your modified Revan head so I could attept to reskin it.

  6. Hey man, check the Revan Face thread - I made a head model you might want to use in conjunction with your mod.

  7. The sentence that I wrote well I notice it right after I wrote it but did not have time to fix it. Sorry about that thank you for noticing though. I was really tired when I wrote that really am sorry.

  8. Hey...if you think Mechamillennium sounds cool, there's room for more players!

  9. Say, would you like to join my new RP Nirriven: Divided We Fall?

  10. Nope, your character is good to go.


    I'm just waiting to see if anyone else wants to join and then we can start.

  11. Thanks the character's head is a combination of Ichigo and Uryu.


    I thought considering the Quincy's are meant to be all but extinct (apart from Uryu and his father) It would be interesting to have a Quincy spirit turned Soul Reaper as normally soul reapers are chosen because of their high spiritual energy.


    But I could change it if you want.

  12. Very nice touch with the red quincy abilities. You don't have to be a soul reaper if you don't want to and can keep your character as a quincy.

  13. say, have you ever had the chance to finish your playable Rodian?

  14. Seen my latest two pieces of photoshop art?

  15. have you looked at the sig thread recently?

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