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  1. Concept art for a darkside Obi-Wan from the cancelled Starwars Battlefront 3 Game.


  2. Hey VarsityPuppet how are you?

    I was wondering if you could send me your modified Revan head so I could attept to reskin it.

  3. Thanks the character's head is a combination of Ichigo and Uryu.


    I thought considering the Quincy's are meant to be all but extinct (apart from Uryu and his father) It would be interesting to have a Quincy spirit turned Soul Reaper as normally soul reapers are chosen because of their high spiritual energy.


    But I could change it if you want.

  4. Hey Alkonium,

    Have you checked out the Awaken roleplay recently?


    Some of us have been given tasks to do my character (Tom) is meant to work with yours (James) and Jedi_Man's (Sam) to repair the communication system aboard the ship.


    As well as avoiding the malfunctioning repair bots which are looking to repair the systems with our bodyparts.


    Just thought I would let you know...

  5. What you do is open the zip file either with a zip archive program (winzip,winrar,j-zip etc) or Windows own zip folder explorer extract it to:



    Then you open the program which you wish to use the font in such as Word,Photoshop or any other program then change the font to Aurek-besh or NewAurabesh depending on which one you downloaded and start typing.

  6. Thanks, can you imagine if Santa was a Jedi?


    "Obi-Wan nice, Anakin naughty... not again will that kid ever learn..."

  7. Yeah I decided to borrow your style of signature when I made mine :lol: as I though it looked cool. Though my profile picture was entirely by accident, as I did that before looking at the avatar/signature request topic.


    I decided not to use lucasforums upload signature function because that converted it to a really bad quality. And yeah I did mine myself.


    I suppose where there is darkness there must also be light.

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