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  1. Perhaps you have heard of Night Warriors. We are a JO/JA clan that has been around since 2003. NW is a generally light-hearted community that it more focused on having fun than skill or tournaments. However, this doesn't mean that we don't participate in tournaments or that we don't have skilled fighters. Due to inactivity and poor leadership, Night Warriors has entered a dark period. However, a few remaining members are attempting to reform the clan and bring back activity. Therefore, we have opened up recruiting. If you would like to join Night Warriors, please visit the Join forum. We are looking for members who will be dedicated to staying active and bearing with us as we get re-settled. We are also looking for someone who can provide a server. If you are someone who can do that, it would be greatly appreciated. Our lack of a server is a major reason to the huge decline in activity, and we would like to reverse this process. If you would like to learn more about Night Warriors, visit our website at: www.NightWarriors.co.nr
  2. Clan Name: Night Warriors (NW) Clan Website: www.NightWarriors.co.nr Open To Challenges: Yes, however we are without a server at the moment. Recruiting: Yes. Other: We are currently undergoing a clan reform. If you would like to join us, please visit our Join forum.
  3. Clan/Team Name: Night Warriors Structural Leadership: Night Warriors is a military / company based rank structure. Promotions are earned and voted on by higher members and the Clan Leader may be handed down or voted out. Founder: Night Warriors was created by Kil Nightshade in November of 2003. Tag: NW Accepting Members: Yes. Our clan is undergoing a reorganizing due to recent inactivity, and we would like as many new active members as possible. Ladder: n/a Type: Community Alignment: Our ranks are based on Jedi at the moment, but they are soon undergoing change. Main Game Type: FFA Website: www.NightWarriors.co.nr Recruitment/Personal Forum: Our "Join" forum is located Here. Other Contact Info: My email is attack_of_the_sporks@yahoo.com, but you can post on our forums, or give us a shout in our shoutbox. Requirements: At the moment, we just ask that you post a request in the "Join" forum and be dedicated to being active. Brief Background: Our clan has been around since 2003. Our history is in no way brief, but there is a history located on our website under "About".
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