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  1. Well, any game can be role played. Shadowbane: Throne of Oblivion is a hardcore PvPvE game that a friend and I role play on quite often. JKA? My favorite game to role play on because it is easy to role play on. Now, Kouen, programming is not at all hard if you have the talent for it. The difficulty depends on how well the original program was programmed and for what intent. To add roleplay capabilities will be a pain for the end user, but the functions themselves are relatively easy. Robophred made a mod called Euka (discontinued until he gets more time to finish it) that gives the player the ultimate role playing system, like, better than a game made for role playing. it took him 6 months. He is professional. Yea, it can be done. Depends on the code and programmer's imagination.
  2. if you plan on releasing 1.3 within 1 week go ahead and wait, otherwise let the new forums become known
  3. Well, if I were to learn C++ I think I might make a "role play" version of OJP-E that fixes some of the spams that happen on RP servers... (lightning delay, 1 use per 10 seconds at least *cough cough*). Then again, I probably won't even learn C++ until there is some good progress on my current project... *cough at darthdie* slap in a server control for lightning use delay */cough*
  4. would she approve if Darthdie was actually a sexeh beast? ()
  5. gosh darth, get where Razorace lives and move in with him! I can see it now Darthdie: *knock on Razorace's door* Razorace: *Opens door* hello? Darthdie: Hey, I'm Darthdie... you know, from OJP. I kinda need a place to hang while I find a new house...
  6. I love the mod, works great for me whenever I'm in a JKA mood.
  7. If that is the case: Add that to 1.4, let 1.3 get out first .
  8. Last I talked to DarthDie he said it is coming along nicely, however because of some bugs they couldn't fix they had to remove one of the key features to the mod. He did not specify what that key feature was.
  9. Do that and I will show you why my name is TheDestroyer... your house will be destroyed! . locking the gametypes would hurt the RP community sooo bad lol.
  10. Umm... copy + paste anybody? Its easy to get files fromthe JK2 CD and then port them over to JKA..
  11. Well, I'm making a fort map for a game called Nexuiz which I may be able to port over to JKA and add a few extra close-quarters elements (maybe an emplaced gun in a bunker at the center of the map...)
  12. What you need is to revert back to the original template/style used by phpBB 3. Then you need to e-mail me the images you want to use with a list of what images are to be for what and I'll send you an image pack with step-by-step install instructions. And please don't tell me you are using a phpBB 2 style with phpBB 3...
  13. Actually, phpBB 3 does not ignore categories. I suggest you switch over to phpBB 3, its easy really. phpBB 3 will port all forums/posts from your phpBB 2 forum. I have tones of experience with phpBB, I can help you get things going all you want.
  14. Well, you should check out http://robophreddev.net. Almost all of the features are combined and they are all wicked. There is a character system even! If you want I'll bug him too . Just remember, he works for mickey mouse . P.S. your reply system is messed up. Make sure you have PHPBB 3 installed correctly.
  15. Like customizing the map with oh say... quests? Not until Euka is done (think a looong time for that)
  16. Well, I can easily tell you how to log into admin. The admin login is: Done. No, I didn't forget anything, cuz there is no admin in OJP aside from Rcon which is JKA standard.
  17. Ohhh Darthdie!!! Uncomment misc_ammo_floor and make it only available in the domination gametype?
  18. Forcefields would rock! Have them set up to provide cover and set up a choke point to help with defense. Give some ammo to gunners is 100% possible. All that would need is to have a misc_ammo_floor unit that is activated when the base is no longer neutral. A shield and medstation would be nice in a room off to the side of the main CP room so people can't do a heal and shoot sorta thing.
  19. You just did it again, really when you're at this forum forget you even made that mod unless you're posting in the mod's topic, 'nuff said.
  20. Motion seconded. You might not think its advertising, but from experience don't post anything about it on these forums unless its in that original post about it.
  21. I was sorta trying to cryptically hint that you should write some code in the bot section that makes bots have a "favored" style that they will use most of the time, determined in the .bot file. By most of the time I mean they will use Shii-Cho until they can buy the form and use it 100% from there on out.
  22. That looks like a missing shader, did that happen with any other hilts?
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