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  1. True, but there aren't any that provide as engaging swordplay as jk2/3 do. Or are there?
  2. DF2 is also a notable contender for this award. But I guess the MP SDK for JA is the most powerful modding resource LucasArts has ever been prepared to release. And the release of the animation source files is also a remarkable concession if you think about it (though those haven't been used much so far).
  3. JA is nothing like TFU. If you'd like to play TFU, then you'd better get a used PS2 or something. You see, TFU is basically a hack'n'slash button-mash kind of game, so the 360 degree movement, as you call it, doesn't get too much in the way. JA on the other hand is more about somewhat refined swordplay, where you can control the arcs of the single saber strikes (in 6 directions no less) and actually have to see what your opponent is doing to consciously dodge / parry / riposte (in the right direction). I cannot image that would work too well if the camera weren't always facing the same direction as the player. If games like TFU are your kinda thing, you'd be better off with a console, anyway.
  4. A remake of Jedi Knight? Hmm, I can't really see the benefit in that. IMO the Sith engine has aged extremly well, and with the model and texture upgrades available (produced by the modding community), the game still looks good and is giving me tons of fun (I happen to be playing it just now for the first time, and it is really a blast). If they make a new game, they should go all the way and come up with a nice new story. Actually, thinking of the mess that TFU's story is, they'd probably better have someone else do it (oh, and thank you very much for ruining that part of the timeline for me, LucasArts).
  5. Get out! Just teasing. I for one would also get it, but only for PC (heck I don't even have a console, save for a used GameCube which I only bought to be able to play Bounty Hunter - I'm still holding a grudge against LucasArts for not bringing that one out on PC).
  6. I think that's part of the level's script. If Kyle says something like "better not" or "I don't want to start any trouble... yet" whenever you try to activate the lightsaber or use a force power, that's actually meant to be by the level designers (the rationale being that Kyle tries to keep a low profile). Don't worry, the Jedi abilities will be unlocked pretty soon; just go along with your business like the local populace (you know, the seedy kind).
  7. They might have been inspired by Microsoft.
  8. If I'm not mistaken, you just have to place copies of the model.glm and the skin files of the model you want to use into models/players/kyle (in your new pk3) to override Kyle's model.glm (you don't have to copy the textures, since they're referenced by path in the model.glm and skin files; but that also means you cannot simply rename the path of the model folder, but have to retain it in its original place - hence the copies).
  9. http://www.xfire.com/video/1e5a77/ - was it like that?
  10. Oh, ok, so I guess you've used that set of drivers for quite some time now. I was actually suspecting that a glitch crept into a newer set of drivers (may happen from time to time, especially with the OpenGL parts), but that's obviously not the case here. Anything else you changed on your system since the last time the game worked without glitches? To be honest, I don't really have any other suspicions right now.
  11. Have you updated your video drivers, recently?
  12. My intended meaning was "discuss with the mod team your misgivings about the mod". But just forget what I said alltogether.
  13. What exactly made you think JKG's gonna be like that? At any rate, I got the impression the mod team is pretty professional, so I'd suggest going to their forum and discussing your misgivings with them - they won't bite (I guess). At this time, there shouldn't be too many things that are set in stone (if any).
  14. Ever heard of Jedi Knight Galaxies? I think they're pretty much trying to achieve all that (albeit not the specific scenario you described), and then some.
  15. nizwiz

    Question !

    Yup, what M@RS said. For SP there's also this mod that emulates 1st person swordplay (IDK if it feels like the JO 1st person combat, though - you'd have to try it out yourself): First Person Lightsaber Mod
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