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  1. I'm going to take the same approach I did with the first game: Wait a year until the patches, mods, and good DLC are out. I sure hope that there's a toolset. Origins is a BLAST with some simple modifications! I just started Awakening this week. Of course, I just HAD to start on Nightmare. And it is. It'll keep me busy for a while, though.
  2. Hooray for Spawning Herds of Gizkas!

  3. The Beta of the "Spawn Herd of Exploding Gizkas" spell is almost ready!

  4. Héhéhé, cool stuff :)


    Well, the more you'll mess about with this; the sooner you'll find a good work-method. Took me awhile to find out ther right order of steps. To get a good area in game, which only has a few small bugs/ problems to solve.


    Wasted many hours on just that :lol:

    If anything, once you start 3D, expect to work on it for a loooooonnng while. Before seeing any real result.

  5. You know, the one thing that *might* get me to play ToR would be an opportunity to find Jar-Jar in a previous life and pit him against Ewoks in an arena battle. Several arena battles would be even better. Then freeze the survivor(s) in carbonite and send them off on a ship bound for the mystery Sith Lord's secret planet.
  6. I'll ask SS and see what he knows. The part about hooks sounds scary.......


    That little Korriban balcony is sucking up a *lot* of time for such a small area. Whenever I get it finished, I'm going to take the Peragus exterior metal walkway and try to attach it to the top of one of those big Korriban tomb structures.

  7. You can have gloves? And belts?

    Oh, yeah I remember, thin SithSpecter once tried it out.


    I believe the most game models do have the HOOK for the items. But how to tell the game to really use'em? No idea I'm afraid.


    Congrats on adding those extra's to Korriban! Looks neat! :)

  8. Good Morning! Do you know if it is possible to make gloves and belts visible in-game?

  9. Do you know what controls the in-game visibility of gloves and belts? I want to make a set of visible gloves.

  10. Nice to see you back again! I still use your swords and sabers on a regular basis!

  11. Hey, go try out the three new disguises I just added to the Ubese Fix Mod

  12. I figured out the TSL area lighting issue. I had to set Sun Ambient/Diffuse colors in the .are file. I used light gray, since white is too bright.

  13. Yea, I lost the old PW and have no idea what email I used to create the account. If you could PM me with the info, or email it to the account I used to submit the mod, I sure would appreciate it!

  14. Thanks for taking it up in the first place! Trust me - I'm in no rush. ;)

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