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  1. Well I got the new pc. It has vista 32 bit and i have it running ojp. I'm running the same server that I was on my old computer "OJP Saber Practice Server". If anyone is playing, please join my server for a minute just to see if it's working. I've had a couple guys try and they couldn't for some reason. I just want to make sure it's not an issue with the new pc or Vista.
  2. Hey guys, I'm looking at getting a new pc and want something that will run OJP with the best graphics and fps possible. Should I be looking at something used with Windows XP? Are older graphics cards gonna work better? I guess I'm just wondering about JKA being an older game and running well with Vista/newer Video Cards. I've been reading forums that have complaints about Vista with JKA. I plan to run a server like Hoc's and give new comers tips on the saber system.(not that I'm super good or anything, just love the saber system) Any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated.
  3. Understood. Yeah, more visual changes would be cool.
  4. As a person who practices swordfighting I can tell you that real swordlocks or "binds" result in either a break like we have in ojp or death for the unfortunate guy. They don't last long, you just quickly decide if he's pushing or releasing and do the opposite. If he's hard at the sword you go soft taking away what he was pushing against(throwing him off balance) and come around attacking a different quarter. If he goes soft then you power through. It's called "feeling". I for one, like the locks how they are in ojp and would only wish for a few extra animations so that not every lock and instant kill looks the same. The only technical change I would make is to have it so that locks could be initiated by the defender as well as the attacker, but I have no idea if that's possible to code in. A sort of "parry lock" where you maybe just tap both attack buttons while holding the correct direction to parry the incoming blow. Oh, and I'd love a toggle setting to make all locks lethal unless you break. Gameplay would be intense and difficult but realistic. These are just my suggestions and please understand I'm not trying to sound holier than thou by mentioning that I practice real swordfighting. I just want to offer ideas when I have them because ojp's the closest thing to the real deal when you're too bruised up to play outside. Logitech Dual Action Gamepad. So fun.
  5. I just aim them with the right analog stick. I have all the aim requiring force powers mapped to buttons that don't interfere with aiming. There's 4 trigger buttons so I have those set to attack, kick/attack fake, push, and pull. I also have 1 of the right thumb buttons programmed as a shift key that changes all my buttons to secondary functions that are less important like weapon switching and styles. It took a while to get things efficient but it works well now. I'll admit that force powers would be easier with the mouse but i'm able to exploit a mishap with forcegrip when I want to. Oh, and I'm all for the power glove idea.
  6. I use a PS2 style controller for OJP and always have. The feel is great and I've even had comments from Hockney on my defense being good. I'm able to win defensively and offensively against bots with a handicap. I even turn up the saberanimspeed to 1.4ish sometimes. It took a few tries to get the buttons programmed to max efficiently but it's honestly great. Not saying I can beat Hock or Jackbaldy consistently but I don't get slaughtered. Sucks for guns because consoles have auto aim to help but I can execute all the saber and melee moves in Ojp with the controller. I strongly recommend the controller, it feels that much more like a sword fight moving an analog stick to parry and do combos rather than pushing w a s + d.
  7. I vote for original Red stance swings. I always thought they looked the coolest in base jka even though they were way too slow. If Djem-so deals the most powerful blows I think it should be 2 hands on the hilt at all times, except in returns. Maxstate, I appreciate your work but you know me, I'm a stickler for realism in the swordplay because of my extra curricular activities. Nevertheless, you're the guy doing all the work so I am as always content to bow to the OJP team's judgement. I fully realize that without you guys I would practice guitar more and get more fresh air and that would be unfortunate.(heheh) I also wonder about the newer "fold in half" knock down animation. It looked good for kicks but looked wierd for mishaps and hilt-bashes. Although I don't think it's in the latest version of 1.1. You guys know. I also continue to hope for bots with selectable saberstyles for specific practice. Oh and I hope the duel mode freeze issue can be resolved. These are my wishes, since you asked. I appreciate all your hard work and I still think this saber system should be patented and shopped to Lucasarts and every game that intends to have first person sword play. Imagine this combat system on an Elder Scrolls game....that would be mind-blowing.
  8. Same here. Ever since 1.1 Duel mode has been broken for all us regular joes but somehow works for all the big boys. i.e. Maxstate, Hockney, Darthdie. They all say it's fine for them, but for us non coder types it does exactly what you described. Doesn't matter how many clean installs. I've tried it on 2 computers now. No Luck. I've tried all the myriad of links for dll's and installers too.
  9. Good luck with the move Darth.
  10. Shucks. Wish I Knew why it works for some and not for others. Me and my brother use duel gametype almost exclusively and it always worked fine in all previous versions. It's only since the new menu screens with 1.1 that it's been a problem. I also don't know what "devs word is law" means. Does that mean it won't be looked into any further?
  11. Does anyone else find that loading up duel mode is broken? When I load a new game and use "Duel" for the gametype I lose all control and become stuck at the "join game" screen unable to do anything except minimize the game and close it from windows. Not sure if anyone encountered this problem yet.
  12. me too. menu has no video and niman and ataru saberstyle names show up as "dual" and "staff" in game when i only have a single saber.
  13. yes, what would that game be? The Episode 3 game doesn't even come close.
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