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  1. There are various ways to stop your configurations from resetting, the easiest being- by creating a notepad from within the game (type a special command) and then just reloading that notepad everytime it resets (less hassle). As for the other problem, using the same menu to create the notepad, you can edit the speed of the hookshot, it's property's, and even if it's on or not. Look for a site or admin guide somewhere to give you a complete list of all the possible ingame debug commands.
  2. I don't know if this has been asked already, but I didn't really know how to word the question to search (Or even what to look for to search manually). I have two computers, both connected to one 'speedstream' modem by a 4 port router. They both connect to each other fine and they even connect to the internet fine, but when the master computer connects to JKA... in any way (By joining a game, or even by searching through the available servers online) the other computer loses it's connection to JKA as if it's own connection to the internet had been lost (Which isn't the case since it can still connect to the internet). I have a theory that it's related to the both of them using the same ip address (due to the router) but I figure if it was something like that, it would have likely been addressed or at least brought up by now; but I've been wrong before. Any suggestions?
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