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  1. just in case some of you don't visit the star wars movies forums (sorry if this is the wrong section, thought it relates since it is directly about republic commando, just not the game) new toys for 2006 http://www.hasbro.com/starwars/pl/newsID.6B6224CA-D56F-E112-430F7DE3074E8138/page.news/dn/default.cfm (link from rebelscum.com) i haven't gotten the game yet (the reviews and lack of cash = me waiting for cheap price like 5 bucks). but now after seeing scorch, republic commando action figure i may have to get the game. the toy looks sooo good. yeah i know i should get a game based on the gameplay, but man that toy looks cool, hope it isn't underpacked.
  2. i was looking through my best buy ad for this week and next to the pc version of star wars battlefront it says in small text, limited edition availible tuesday for the same price. i was wondering is the limited edition just the dvd rom version of the game or is there actually something special?
  3. the new ign videos show lightsaber deflecting some bolts. i think maybe they have to be stationary.
  4. http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/starwarsbattlefront2/index.html dunno if there has been a video yet, but this one shows jedi in action.
  5. d'spadawan why don't u calm down, take a breath. i have played jka. i have beaten the game and have played multiplayer. but maybe there are some bugs you've encountered and i haven't. i'm sorry for forcing you to insult people instead of explaining in a sane manner what you meant. but you're right that this isn't the jka forum. back to topic, seeing as how gamerankings.com has the average score at 79% only because of pcgamer's score and would be around 80 - 82 without it, i think that the review's score can basically be overlooked. sans the score, it seems that the only thing the pcgamer review has brought new to the table of possible bugs which txa1265 pointed out could be because of a pre-gold version being played. other than that i think it says what every other review has said.
  6. if you can name some bugs please do because i have jka and i don't seem to have any bugs. oh and ...jka... after quoting me saying that bugs found patches made i think more elaboration is needed when you mean that you believe bugs are still present because reading that post it seems you meant no patches were made not that bugs are still lingering.
  7. okay before anybody screams and calls pcgamer trash, in caption of the 62% is above average so i think it would be 75 - 80 using the gamespot and ign review system. here is the final verdict blurb highs: action-packed gameplay; very impressive graphics; decent ai squad lows: simplistic mission design; bugs abound; plays itself too often bottom line: if your soul demands that you blast trade federation droids, it'll fit the bill. one of the biggest things in the review (which i think is the reason for only an above average score) is that it mentions game stopping bugs. not just annoyances that can be circumvented, but game stopping bugs that cause reloading a game. the bugs mentioned are lock-ups, crashes, squadmates getting stuck and having to be killed, boss character stuck behind a wall causing inability to kill him, YOUR weapons dissappearing leaving you defenseless, and command buttons not working. this to me is strange because neither the ign or gamespot review mention any bugs. BUT both ign and gamespot use the same exact reviews for both xbox and pc and since the xbox came out first it is not farfetched to think that both ign and gamespot only played the xbox version. since pcgamer does not need to review the xbox version, it only played the pc version. of course all and any bugs can be fixed with a patch and my experience with lucasarts games are that when bugs are found patches are made.
  8. the only thing that has me thinking about this game right now is funds to purchase the game. seeing the two reviews of having at least a score of 8 looks really promising to me. I think it is getting harder and harder for fps to get a good score without bringing something completely new to the table. Especially without a strong mp component. also i'm kinda happy that the worst part of the game is the lackluster mp. alot more things could have gone wrong, which i thought would happen, with the game and it seems that they accomplished most of what they set out to do. Also republic commando is another game in a short time period based on star wars that got good reviews. I hope that we are seeing the start of the resurgence of not only good, but great star wars games. Although i can see where people are weary about buying this game. for 40 - 50 dollars, that is an investment that you want to make sure you get your moneys worth. right now in pc games, a strong mp component adds worth to a game while a weak mp component makes it that much harder to buy the game because the game doesn't have the replay values of games with strong mp components.
  9. http://pc.ign.com/articles/588/588399p1.html haven't had a chance to read it yet, but saw the score. looks like the game is going to be pretty good. Okay just read it and it seems they think the game is good, but isn't great or adding something new to the genre. Also they say the squad mechanics (point and click in certain areas) is not as good as it could have been. they wanted more control instead of having only certain options certain areas. the thing that made me scared the most about the game is what they sad about multiplayer. they said the multiplayer is average. nothing special, nothing too exciting. they said that the modes are fun and all, but could have been better. seems to me the game is good and worth a pickup, but won't stand out in a crowd. looks like decision time with this and project snowblind coming out.
  10. i think a way we could use the book for an explanation on different voices is that the squad is made up of commandos who lost their squadmates, like in the book, and each commando had a different teacher which caused the different accents. after playing jedi academy were no matter the specie chosen the same voice was used, the different voices don't bother me that much even if there is no explanation.
  11. http://www.gamershell.com is a good place for anyone who doesn't want to sign up for an account. i'm getting 160 kb/s right now. demo and episode III spoiler
  12. thanks for the info. wow, i love the music. i love how all the songs seem dark. also the way in some songs they incorporate star wars songs is great. i'm kinda surprised they went so unique with the music, usually its the usual star wars soundtrack with a little difference here or there. can't wait to hear it in music.
  13. the website has the icons and screensavers availible now. also on the gamefaqs forum someone posted that a german magazine had the pc demo for the game on it. i can't confirm it what so ever, but if it is on a german magazine it won't be long for it to appear on a website at the least. okay so wondering if i could find it online on some german website i came across this http://www.gbase.ch/index.asp?zone=pc&target=news&typ=gnews&write_id=27794 i translated it by searching for the link in google. sometimes it doesn't give you a translate button, i just pressed refresh. for those of you not wanting to go to google and search for the link to let google translate it. the message is dated jan. 23, 2005 and it basically said it had to remove a demo for republic commando because it was not suppose to be released on the internet and that there is a rumour it will come out sometime next week officially. here's hoping.
  14. just a question for people who have played it and think it is like ghost recon or rainbow six, is it like them solely because of how you command a squad or is does it also employ a similar damage system? does it take only 1 - 2 hits before you die? just wondering because although i did like the first two rainbow sixes, i bought them for 10 bucks each and don't like to spend 50 dollars on realstic shooter games, just not my favorite type.
  15. not getting in the argument of effort or what not, but i think lucasarts doesn't have the worst in-house record. there was dark forces, jedi knight 1, rogue squadron (according to ign.com it was both factor 5 and lucasarts), shadows of the empire ( i liked it, good in its time ), full throttle, grim fandango, sam and max, and maniac mansion. also i personally like episode 1 racer on n64. so it seems to me lucasarts knows how to make a game, its just sometimes they miss. and as of right now republic commando may be a hit.
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