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  1. I like to think my life beats to the tune of the entire soundtrack from Almost Famous:carms: and my funeral song I hope will be this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoYDNsJHY-k&feature=channel_page
  2. Screw what I said before, there was a robot three times as big as Optimus Prime. Opening night, I'll be there.
  3. I guess the year of intelligent summer blockbusters is over. Ah well, at least Crank 2 will be awesome.
  4. This to the trillionth power, I wasted my first year of college on this game. And as for my games.... Planescape Torment: No words, if there is a god, this game is proof he loves us and wants us to be happy System Shock 2: This game I've had the most fun playing in my entire life, nothing is going to top this for entertainment value. Portal: Valve has shown they know how to challenge a gamer intellectually and this is another example of a short, fun romp. Call Of Duty 4: The only game where I've ever replayed the single player instead of multi-player, the fact that they made a thrilling story but kept it original had me playing for 6 hrs straight. Halo Series: Meh. I liked 1, and I thought 2 had an interesting concept but lackluster execution but 3 was straight out boring and unoriginal. KOTOR Series: Pretty good. Terrible pacing throughout both games. KOTOR 1 is essentially a NWN clone(not a good thing) and TSL is essentially Planescape Torment Part 2(the inward journey is far more difficult to figure out though) Has characters in both games I wanted to get rid of(Disciple, Mission, Juhani,) Combat system is terrible, ported straight from NWN and Bioware didn't even bother to make a special combat system for KOTOR 1. Story in both games is decent but just a rehash of NWN and Planescape Torment, though I give TSL credit for bringing the Star Wars genre into deeper waters. TFU-Mediocre, nothing much to say aside from that ROTS- there is one good movie hack'n'slash game and that's The Return Of The King, end of story.
  5. I enjoyed Spiderman 3 actually, it was fun in a Raimi doesn't give a crap sort of way.
  6. I honestly agree with that, Anakin, Padme, and Obi-Wan were the only developed characters in PT, but I thought they were developed poorly so that also colored my opinion on the characters. Anyways, I felt Qui-Gon was the only character who actually was played with a hint of subtly and depth. McGregor was doing an average Alec Guinness impression(he was alright in Episode III though) I don't even want to begin on Hayden's work and Natalie Portman sleepwalked through the entire trilogy. But as for the point of the topic. I honestly think if George Lucas wants to keep doing what he does, it's completely fine, it doesn't mean I have to like it though.
  7. To the last, I will grapple with thee... from Hell's heart, I stab at thee! For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee!- Moby Dick and Khan's final words R.I.P Ricardo:(
  8. heh, i bet this the umpteenth time that a topic with this title has been posted. Anyways after The Ebon Hawk takes off after the Unknown World, the cutscene with Admiral Dodonna won't trigger, and I'm not sure why. Just for reference, I have the Shem Prequel robe mod, Brotherhood of Shadow and updates, my copy of KOTOR is the Best Of PC version, I have the Different Lightsaber hilts mod for every single type of lightsaber and I have the ultimate sound mod and the Super Enhanced Mod(never got the add on, don't know if that's important) and my game is patched. Anyways, I would really like some feedback on this, thanks:)
  9. Eh, I don't know. Everybody if you ask me acted like complete morons in the PT and when people in movies make stupid decisions and the script doesn't call it out like that, it really bugs me. I know Palpatine is supposed to be a master manipulator but everyone in the prequels seemed to make stupid decisions(Padme's acceptance of Anakin man slaughtering Sand people, I'm looking at you) Though I will give Lucas credit for knowing how to market the prequels. In the old movies we saw in the entire trilogy the lightsaber used in about ten scenes and compared to the lightsaber becoming a main character due to it being used so much in the prequels, the originals seemed almost too minimalistic. But too much of a good thing could also be a valid point. It almost became if you ask me by ROTS, screw the force, the spaceships, the plot, and all that other stuff. It seemed like everybody just wanted more lightsabers at that point. The only real reason Jar Jar bugged me was because it was relatively jarring to see a character like this in Star Wars when I watched TPM the first time. I understand what Lucas was trying to do with Jar Jar, but he could've toned him down slightly. Another thing, all the aliens spoke mostly english in the prequels(with a few exceptions) I understand aliens speaking english on Coruscant but places like Tatooine and the swamps of Naboo seem a bit odd to me. My last point is about the midichlorians. Okay correct me if I'm wrong here, so if the midichlorians measure how strong one was in the force, then a jedi is only measured by what he can do, not who he is. I don't buy that, and I have no problem with the idea itself, just the way it jars with the OT. So I guess that would be a better criticism then the blog that was linked in the original post.
  10. Hmm, Watchmen, The Expendables, Wolverine, and Crank 2
  11. Well, I'm just going to ignore this scene then.
  12. This is pretty much the greatest thing ever. I can't help but think of the only funny Austin Powers joke(Random Task throwing the shoe at him)
  13. There is no god. Aside from that, I heard a rumor somewhere(no idea if it's true) that Jonathan Nolan(Writer of The Dark Knight) did some rewrites which raises my hopes for the film.
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